Every time Ohioans go to the grocery store, they aren’t just paying for their groceries — they’re paying for corporate stock buybacks and executive bonuses.

We know that large, greedy corporations are constantly finding new ways to take advantage of Ohioans to boost their profits — including shrinking the sizes of their products while keeping prices the same or even raising them.

A 32 oz bottle becomes a 28 oz bottle. A 16 oz can becomes a 14 oz can. “Half-gallons” of ice cream are no longer actually a half gallon. It’s called “shrinkflation,” and it needs to stop.

Even Cookie Monster has caught onto this deceptive practice. While his solution for smaller cookies is to “eat double da cookies,” we’re working to crack down on corporate greed in grocery stores.

That’s why we introduced a bill to hold these companies accountable.

It’s simple: Ohioans should get what they pay for. That’s what our bill would help ensure.

— Sherrod




Sherrod brought Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn to the State of the Union on Thursday. Sheriff Wasylyshyn is on the frontlines of the fentanyl crisis in Ohio. He knows how urgent it is for Congress to come together, stop fentanyl coming into our country, and keep Ohio communities safe.



  • After a years-long push from Sherrod, the Federal Highway Administration will finally stop using taxpayer dollars to buy foreign-made products. For 41 years, highway projects could spend Americans’ tax money on materials manufactured by our competitors. This will ensure that American tax dollars will finally support American workers.
  • Sherrod joined a Senate bill to protect IVF and other fertility treatments. IVF is a lifeline that grants millions of Americans the joys of parenthood — politicians have no right to take that away.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board testified that the East Palestine controlled burn was avoidable – proving that Norfolk Southern cannot be trusted, once again. These residents are still living with the consequences of the train derailment and the toxic burn. Norfolk Southern must stop putting profits over safety and make this community whole.