We all know what a problem unfair foreign competition is — especially when countries like China are always finding new ways to cheat.


Under one current trade loophole, known as the “de minimis” rule, companies and drug traffickers split their shipments into small packages worth less than $800 in value, which allows them to evade U.S. taxes, fees, and inspections.


Last year, more than two million shipments came to our country through this loophole per day. Now, it’s more than three million per day — and it’s only getting worse.


We need action now — that’s why I joined with Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) to call on President Biden to close it. The president has the authority to put an end to trade abusers taking advantage of the “de minimis” loophole now.


The American textile industry and its workers pay the price when foreign companies are able to abuse our trade laws at such an alarming rate. And the dangers of this massive loophole extend beyond the threat of unfair foreign competition.


Fentanyl is killing too many Ohioans, and drug traffickers are exploiting the de minimis loophole to send deadly drugs like fentanyl into our country without any detection. We need to use every tool available to keep fentanyl out and protect our communities. Closing this loophole is a powerful way to do that.


Every day we wait to close this loophole, we risk American jobs, and we allow millions of packages into our country with no way of knowing whether they contain fentanyl.

— Sherrod


Sherrod joined Delphi Salaried Retirees in Dayton on Monday to discuss his effort to restore their pensions. When General Motors filed for bankruptcy during the Great Recession, more than 5,000 Ohioans lost their retirement through no fault of their own. Congress must pass Sherrod’s Susan Muffley Act to give these Ohioans back the retirement security they earned.


  • Sherrod introduced a bill to crack down on corporations that shrink product sizes without lowering prices. Ohio families are tired of paying for executive bonuses and stock buybacks every time they go to the grocery store — they deserve every ounce they pay for.


  • The VA is speeding up PACT Act eligibility for veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits during their service. Starting next week, all toxic-exposed veterans will finally be able to access the care they’re owed.


  • Ohio is a space state, period. This week, Sherrod called on the Space Force to locate their testing and readiness unit at NASA Glenn’s Neil Armstrong Test Facility in Sandusky. Ohio’s deep connection to space is unmatched, making it the ideal home for Delta 12.