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These days, digital fundraising can’t just be an afterthought. It should be a key consideration in your fundraising plan!

It’s no secret that the bulk of nonprofit and campaign contributions nowadays come from some sort of digital funnel, whether an email or social media.

The world of digital doesn’t need to be overly complicated, and you definitely don’t need to be the most tech savvy person to get started. One way we can help is through our course (aptly named if we do say so ourselves): Digital Fundraising.

In just under two hours, you’ll learn the basics of making digital fundraising asks as well as potential tools available to you. Included are also worksheets and “checklists” to systemize the process. Don’t miss out on potential online donations – get started today!

Wednesday, April 17 at 1pm ET

Delve into the “art” of call time on a campaign—the cornerstone of successful fundraising strategies.

Our expert will guide you through proven techniques to maximize your fundraising potential by calling supporters in your community. From crafting compelling scripts to mastering the ask, this training will help you with the practical wisdom needed to succeed.


Raising Money Online
Friday, April 19 at 1pm ET

Uncover why digital or online fundraising is such an important aspect of campaigning.

You’ll learn messaging insights as well as strategies for managing and evaluating what content your audience wants to see in order to garner support.


The Secrets to Fundraising Emails
Monday, April 22 at 1pm ET

Let’s say you joined us for Raising Money Online or you got started with the Digital Fundraising course linked at the top. Next Monday’s training should be your very next step!

This email-focused live training will cover the many ways campaigns leverage email for their fundraising efforts. Taking a hard look at messaging, you’ll glean the best practices of digital strategists that drive clicks and donations.


So You Want to Run for Office
Tuesday, April 23 at 1pm ET

The title says it all. Our flagship training covering the basics of running for office in your community will be offered this April. For many states, there is still time to run yourself, or you might plan to do so in 2025.

Regardless of where you live, who you are, or what your plans are, if you’re thinking about making the leap, trust yourself and do it!