PowerPoint charts from League of Women Voters’ February 28 online program (with special guest Steve Dyer) regarding information and consequences of Ohio’s EdChoice voucher escalation.

The attached set of charts provides a concise and extremely useful treasure trove of data and information regarding the real-life consequences of the state’s extreme escalation of the Ed Choice voucher scheme. These charts are helpful in providing information to inform the public as to how state officials are using tax funds contrary to the Ohio Constitution.

Some highlights:

  • Characteristics of constitutional public education
  • Schemes that privatize public education
  • Who charters/accredits private schools
  • Ohio’s academic education funding virus
  • Voucher students perform worse
  • Increased segregation
  • Wealthy families benefit
  • More privatization on the table
  • Opportunity to defend democracy

Recording: https://youtu.be/r5ZDAaJuUNk

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