Ohio Legislative Service Commission (LSC) estimates that Senate Bill 11 will cost the state up to $1,056,000,000 in fiscal years 2024 and 2025
LSC is an agency of the legislature. This office drafts legislation and prepares fiscal analyses and local impact statements of bills introduced. LSC has determined that SB11 will cost $1,056,000,000 during the next two-year budget cycle. That means that there will be $1.1 billion less for public school districts. (The state will most likely not appropriate $1.1 billion more for K-12 education.) 90,500 students who attend private school via private tuition would become eligible for vouchers. LSC estimates 10,000 additional public school students not now eligible for vouchers would take advantage of the expanded voucher eligibility.
SB11 would increase homeschooling tax credits from $250 to $2000. LSC’s estimated tax loss to the state for homeschooling is in the range of $45 million each year of the FY24/FY25 biennium.
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