Another reformy pipe dream: Elimination of school district boundaries.

A Coalition to end residency requirements for public schools has been newly minted.

School district boundaries were established and then re-aligned by law to ensure that all school children are afforded educational opportunities and that elected school authorities are held accountable for providing appropriate educational opportunities.

In Ohio, the state is required to secure a thorough and efficient system of common schools (Article VI, Section 2 of the Ohio Constitution). State government is also required to provide by law for the organization, administration, and control of the public common school system supported by public funds (Article VI, Section 3). School districts are an integral part of this mandated arrangement. This marshalling of public schooling is rational and has effectively ensured that every child in Ohio has had the opportunity for an education supported by public funds. This structure ensures accountability and orderliness.

Now there is a reformy group that wants to create chaos by eliminating school district boundaries for school purposes.

What next? Eliminate boundaries of townships, counties, states and national boundaries?

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