Whether you have been watching the news or not lately, you know the Democratic Party has its work cut out for it in 2023! Recently here in Ohio we have seen criminal convictions of Republicans in Columbus, unconstitutional gerrymandering causing the state to hold a costly 2nd Primary last August, setbacks in voting rights and women’s rights and loose gun legislation enabling anyone, anywhere to carry a gun.

In order for our local Clermont County Democratic Party to continue to provide a viable presence it is imperative that we raise funds from friends and supporters like you to support our candidates on the state and local levels and be able to maintain our headquarters on Main Street in Batavia. Our monthly operating cost is approximately $900, which adds up to over $10,000 of non-negotiable expenses each year. Our Donkey Club is our major source of funding and we hope you will become a member by joining.

As a member of the Donkey Club we can provide for you:

  • A headquarters where you can attend Central and Executive Business Meetings of the party as well as other events.
  • A website at clermontdems.org providing information about elections, current issues and political news to keep you an informed voter.
  • A bi-monthly e-Newsletter with the latest and most current information on events, candidates, volunteering, training and news.
  • A robust presence on social media through CCDP Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.
  • A listing of Clubs throughout the county where you can meet other like-minded people and find out how to get more involved.
  • You are helping support our Democratic candidates and support our participation in the Clermont County Fair and other community events around the county.

There are two ways to make a donation and become a member of the Donkey Club.

You may send a check made payable to Clermont County Democratic Party (CCDP)
Mail to: PO Box 475, Batavia, OH 45103

Or you may join online securely through ActBlue here.

Thank you for joining the 2023 Donkey Club!

Raymond W. Lembke
Party Chairman
Clermont County Democratic Party