LEAD Ohio March 2023 Newsletter


2023: Local Matters

Politics is personal. But, by and large, we all chose this work for a simple reason: to make our communities better. This year, with thousands of local offices on the ballot, it’s the perfect time to get more involved and encourage others to join the work.

Our Candidate Academy is wrapping up, and that means that our Campaign Staff Academy is up next! For those who are interested in working on campaigns, this is a great opportunity to learn best practices and connect with progressives across the state.

For women running for office, our Women’s Progressive Leadership Circles provide a supportive environment to address unique challenges women face when running for office.

2023 LEAD Campaign Staff Academy

Applications OPEN!

Campaign managers and staff play an important role in ensuring campaigns are organized and effective, and we need more of them in Ohio.

This training program is specifically tailored for current and future campaign managers, campaign staff, and super-volunteers.

We will also be accepting a small number of 2023 candidates into our Staff Academy because we know many people did not decide to run this year until just recently.  With many petitions for local offices not due until August, we offer this opportunity for those who are serious about running this year, but missed out on our Candidate Academy.

If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved with campaign work, encourage them to apply to our Staff Academy today by clicking here!

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Women LEADing Ohio: Women’s Progressive Leadership Circles Applications OPEN!

Women face unique challenges running for office. The Circle provides both a competitive advantage and a peer group experiencing the same campaign challenges at the same time.

WPLC allows participants to raise and work through issues that are discussed nowhere else. From professional facilitators, former women candidates, and current women in office, Circle members receive counsel and expertise as they navigate political and personal life and create healthy support systems. Circles will meet once a month from June-November.

For women running for office in 2023, we encourage applying to our WPLC Cohort by clicking here!

Stay Connected

At LEAD, we encourage progressives to run for office at all levels and support candidates and staff with training, resources, and a strong progressive network.

We are actively looking for candidates who are interested in running for local or judicial offices that will be on the 2023 ballot, as well as progressives who are interested in managing or working on campaigns. If you know someone who may be interested, have them reach out to us at info@leadohio.org.

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Support LEAD Ohio

As an Ohio based non-profit, we rely on donations from generous individuals who share our passion for supporting progressive policies and the candidates who can put them in place. We offer all of our educational training programs at no cost to ensure emerging leaders across the state are able to get the skills and support needed to become successful progressive champions in elected office or grassroots advocacy.

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