We’re voting YES on Issue 1!

The Ballot Board, led by Frank LaRose, adopted ballot language for the Reproductive Freedom amendment that is misleading, inaccurate, and intended to confuse voters instead of using the full text of the amendment that was certified by the Attorney General and signed by 710,000 Ohioans. The amendment protects the right to abortion, contraception, fertility treatment, miscarriage care, and continuing one’s pregnancy. The approved ballot wording fails to include the last four of those protections and resorts to biased imagery in using the term “unborn child” rather than the medical term “fetus”.

The Reproductive Freedom amendment will be on the November ballot as Issue 1. Self-serving LaRose and the Republican-majority Ballot Board rejected motions by Democrat Senator Paula Hicks-Hudson to keep the full text of the actual amendment on the ballot. Strong kudos and thank you to Senator Paula Hicks-Hudson and Representative Elliot Forhan for their strong attempts to reject the misleading ballot wording!

The wording on the ballot does not change what the amendment will state in our constitution but will be the last representation of the amendment voters read before casting their vote.

Now we channel all of our energy and efforts to reaching voters between today and November 7th as we advocate for voting Yes on Issue 1! Let’s join together and pass the Reproductive Freedom amendment on November 7th!

Opportunities to get involved:
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Ohio Dems dialer phone bank every Tuesday and Thursday until Election Day

Join Ohio Dems’ inaugural Volunteer Summit in Westerville on September 9th! The summit includes organizing plans for November 2023 and beyond, talented operatives, guest speakers, and the opportunity to meet fellow activists.