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Sherrod Brown

The Nation The Biden Panic Stops Now!

(Thursday, September 7, 10:37 AM | By: Joan Walsh)

  • I had a busy summer and I hope you did too. Please go move to Ohio and work for Sherrod Brown – or something like that – and stop this kind of handwringing.

CoinDesk SEC’s Gensler Should Be Focus of More Hearings on Treatment of Crypto: U.S. Senator

(Thursday, September 7, 11:41 AM | By: Jesse Hamilton)

  • The Senate Banking Committee – led by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) – stands as the fulcrum of future crypto legislation, and its senior Democrats have been relatively quiet on their intentions. While the House Financial Services Committee has advanced crypto bills to the floor in the other chamber, it’s unclear what Brown’s panel will do with any of it.
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Military Times Air Force pushes for quickstart plan to launch programs without budget

(Thursday, September 7, 11:12 AM | By: Stephen Losey)

  • But Sens. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and Tom Cotton, R-Ark., brought the proposal up for a floor amendment to the Senate’s NDAA version in July.
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CNN Biden’s defenders brush off concerns over his age and approval rating as polls show warning signs

(Thursday, September 7, 6:33 PM | By: Kyle Feldscher)

  • Sen. Sherrod Brown, a vulnerable Ohio Democrat who is in one of the toughest Senate races in 2024, added that Biden’s low polling numbers wouldn’t stop him from campaigning with the president.
  • If he comes in, sure. I work with anybody that wants to work with me on all kinds of issues,’ Brown said.
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MarketWatch, Inc. Cannabis stocks gain as banking bill finds traction in Senate, but House OK looks challenging

(Thursday, September 7, 3:14 PM | By: Victor Reklaitis)

  • Cannabis stocks advanced Thursday, helped by news that a key Senate committee could soon vote to advance a widely followed bill that aims to make it easier for the financial industry to work with cannabis companies. Senate Banking Committee chair Sherrod Brown said Wednesday that there is ‘an agreement imminent’ on the SAFE Banking Act, according to a Politico report . The Ohio Democrat told Punchbowl News earlier this week that the measure was among those that he wanted to act on ‘in the next six weeks.’
  • Brown’s committee could vote on the bill as soon as Sept. 20, and it would be expected get the panel’s OK because the chair ‘would not schedule it for a vote unless he was confident of passage,’ Jaret Seiberg, an analyst at TD Cowen Washington Research Group, said in a note Thursday. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will then probably seek passage of the cannabis banking bill by the full Senate in this year’s fourth quarter, and the measure is likely to come up for a vote, because there are expected to be enough senators backing it to overcome a filibuster, according to Seiberg.

MarketWatch, Inc. Lawmakers probe insurance crisis as premiums skyrocket

(Thursday, September 7, 12:52 PM | By: Chris Matthews)

  • Democrats and Republicans sparred during a Senate Banking Committee hearing Thursday over the causes of rising home-insurance rates and deductibles and the trend of some insurance companies abandoning markets in states like California and Florida where they believe its no longer profitable to operate. Sen. Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat and the chair of the committee, pointed the finger primarily at climate change and the increased incidence of natural disasters, noting that in 2023, the U.S. has already experienced 15 weather disasters that have caused damages exceeding $1 billion, compared with a 40-year average of 7.9 such disasters per year. Read more: 90% of homeowners saw their home-insurance premiums rise last year
  • ‘As weather patterns continue to change because of climate change, risk and exposure will extend to places that have not previously been prone to natural catastrophes,’ Brown said. ‘This has led insurance companies to re-evaluate risk concentration levels — and not just on the coasts.’ Other Senate Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Sheldon Whitehouse of Vermont, are pressuring the Biden administration to use existing regulatory powers to ‘to take swift and aggressive action to tackle the climate crisis and protect consumers from climate-related risks,’ as they wrote in a Tuesday letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

The Washington Times, LLC Manchin disputes accusation he’s being protected from difficult votes

(Thursday, September 7, 6:30 PM | By: Kerry Picket)

  • The host named Mr. Manchin, Sens. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana as vulnerable Democrats. President Biden can’t have it both ways on American manufacturing: Michael Canty

(Friday, September 8, 5:50 AM | By:

  • Earlier this year, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown applauded the president’s selection of Lael Brainard to Chair the National Economic Council. Less than a month before her selection to the NEC post, Brainard reaffirmed the need to pursue aggressive measures to tamp down inflation. U.S. Sen. JD Vance’s drive to pass anti-mask bill falls short

(Thursday, September 7, 3:02 PM | By: Sabrina Eaton)

  • U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Cleveland Democrat, said the United States is ‘on the other side of the pandemic and we don’t need mask mandates.’
  • ‘I’ve not seen reports about anyone in Ohio proposing new mandates,’ Brown said Wednesday when asked about Vance’s bill. He said the Senate should instead focus its legislative attention on legislation to promote rail safety after the East Palestine train derailment, to recover excessive compensation from bank executives who led their institutions to failure, and on funding the government.

NOLA What to do about skyrocketing insurance premiums? Senators have divergent views

(Thursday, September 7, 6:43 PM | By: Mark Ballard)

  • U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, the Ohio Democrat who chairs the committee, said the situation is fast becoming a crisis, causing homeowners to spend dollars they can’t afford or being forced to pay higher mortgages to cover insurance forced on them by their financiers, or dropping out of homeownership.
  • ‘Increasingly homeowners are facing an unpleasant surprise,” Brown said. “When it is time to renew their policies they are hit with higher costs or no coverage as insurers are leaving markets altogether,’ adding that storms are stronger and more frequent than they have been.

Benzinga Cannabis Industry Too Optimistic SAFE Banking Act

(Thursday, September 7, 5:29 PM | By: Joana Scopel)

  • ‘Yeah, a bad question to ask I’m going to give a depressing view on it,’ he began, setting the stage for an eye-opener. ‘I don’t think we certainly don’t expect SAFE to pass.’ Related Content: Sherrod Brown Champions Cannabis Banking Reform: A Game-Changer Set To Triumph This Fall?

NaturalNews RFK Jr. to push for government-guaranteed 3% mortgage if elected president –

(Thursday, September 7, 4:30 PM | By: Tags)

  • This deprives Americans of “living the American dream,” RFK Jr. said. Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown introduced the “Stop Predatory Investing Act”
  • “In too many communities in Ohio, big investors funded by Wall Street buy up homes that could have gone to first-time homebuyers, then jack up rent, neglect repairs and threaten families with eviction,” said Brown in a statement. “Our bill will help prevent corporate landlords from driving up local housing prices and put power back in the hands of working families, who need a safe, affordable place to live and raise their children.”
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Quad City Times Odyssey CEO says convenience and access in Iowa’s ESA program are priorities

(Thursday, September 7, 4:30 PM | By: Caleb Mccullough)

  • Twelve senators—from Elizabeth Warren to Sherrod Brown—are used as a ” progressive control group ” to measure against Republican Party positions as a whole. Their voting patterns form a “progressive position,” and the rating methodology identifies any ideological vote in which a majority of this 12-member bloc opposed a majority of Republicans as “overall progressive.”
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Marijuana Moment Marijuana Banking Bill Talks Were ‘Very Productive’ Over Recess, GOP Senate Sponsor’s Office Says, As Key Chairman Predicts ‘Imminent’ Agreement

(Thursday, September 7, 10:50 AM | By: Kyle Jaeger)

  • Democratic members, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sherrod Brown (D-OH), have similarly touted progress on the legislation, which Brown said he’s aiming to move within ‘the next six weeks.’ ‘We think there is an agreement imminent that there’ll be general agreement on,’ Brown, whose panel would be marking up the bill to bring it to the floor, said , according to Politico. ‘We know that some members of the committee are going to vote no regardless, but we think there’ll be something good that gets a good majority.’
  • reached out to Brown’s office for comment, but a representative was not immediately available.

Bay News 9 Senate committee hears testimony on property insurance issues

(Friday, September 8, 9:47 PM | By: Corina Cpabianca)

  • Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, the Democratic chairman of the committee, said as climate exposure increases, more and more people are turning to insurers of last resort, like Citizens in Florida.
  • “In Florida since 2020, 16 severe storms and hurricanes have caused more than $100 billion worth of damage and lead to an exodus of insurers,” Brown said. “Farmers Insurance became the fourth in Florida alone insurer to exit the market.”

Federal News Network After a summer break, Congress has a lot on its plate this fall

(Thursday, September 7, 5:43 PM | By: Drew Friedman)

  • , which Reps. Garrett Graves (R-La.) and Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.), and Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), introduced in both chambers in January, would revoke two longstanding provisions impacting retirement savings of some federal retirees.

WFMJ Senator Brown introduces legislation supporting tax cuts for teachers

(Thursday, September 7, 3:45 PM)

  • Ohio-based U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown has introduced bipartisan legislation supporting tax cuts for teachers in order to help cover out-of-pocket classroom expenses.
  • Senator Brown, along with nine other senators including Pennsylvania-based U.S. Senator, Bob Casey are expected to introduce the Educators Expense Deduction Modernization Act to quadruple the amount teachers can deduct from their taxes to cover out-of-pocket classroom expenses.

MJBizDaily US senator again promises hearing on marijuana SAFE Banking is …

(Thursday, September 7, 1:17 PM | By: Chris Roberts)

  • That’s the latest prediction on SAFE Banking from U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, the Ohio Democrat who chairs the Senate banking committee. ADVERTISEMENT Brown told Punchbowl News on Monday that marijuana banking reform is near the top of his to-do list as Congress returns from its August recess.
  • ‘We want to get RECOUP. We want to get SAFE Banking,’ Brown told the online news site.

Pennsylvania Capital-Star Casey signs on to letter asking MV Realty CEO for answers on allegations of predatory practices – Pennsylvania Capital-Star

(Thursday, September 7, 4:45 PM | By: Cassie Miller)

  • In the letter to MV Realty CEO Anthony Mitchell seeking information, Sens. Casey, Sherrod Brown, D-OH, and Ron Wyden, D-OR, raised concerns over reports that the company ‘exploits homeowners,’ by providing them with inaccurate information and targeting vulnerable populations, such as homeowners with disabilities and seniors.

Bradford Era The wolves in real estate

(Thursday, September 7, 2:15 PM)

  • It’s an issue being addressed at the federal level by the Stop Predatory Investing Act introduced by U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, with support from U.S Sen. John Fetterman, D-Braddock. Pittsburgh City Council is considering it, with Councilwoman Deb Gross, D-Highland Park, introducing legislation which would require the companies to get a license annually with a $200 fee, proof of insurance and a background check.

Wilmington News Journal LaRose: Brown stands in the way of small town Ohio

(Thursday, September 7, 7:38 AM | By: news engin)

  • For more than two years now, inflation has outpaced wages under President Biden and Sherrod Brown. In fact, earnings have fallen each month since Biden-Brown passed their $1.9 trillion ‘stimulus.’ Sixty-one percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Ohioans are undeniably worse off and it’s hurting working class families the most.
  • Even more hypocritical is Brown’s all-out regulatory war on the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas jobs provide income for more than 350,000 Ohioans and reliable power for everyone else. Unfortunately President Biden and Sherrod Brown have placed these workers in their sights, pushing aggressive anti-fossil fuel development rules that threaten to put them out of work.
  • Instead of looking out for Ohio interests, Sherrod Brown would rather push a California style agenda.

Liberty Nation Bidenomics on Display During NFL Season Opener

(Thursday, September 7, 7:14 AM | By: Andrew Moran)

  • Rick Scott (R-FL) booked spots on regional sports networks during the September baseball games, which typically generate more viewers as teams contend for post-season spots. Ditto for Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and then-gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp in Georgia. In 2020, then-President Donald Trump spent $10 million to advertise during the Super Bowl.

WHBC Teachers May Get Some $$$ Help from Washington

(Thursday, September 7, 9:36 AM | By: Pam Cook)

  • Some good news for Teachers — legislation introduced yesterday by US Senator Sherrod Brown would quadruple the tax deduction that educators can take for school expenses. Right now it stands at 250 dollars and it would rise to 1000 dollars.
  • Brown will introduce the Educators Expense Deduction Modernization Act of 2023 this week. He says it’s important that those who are taking care of our children out of their own pockets are taken care of. Police safety, de-escalation training bill cosponsored by Tillis

(Thursday, September 7, 6:15 PM | By: Ripon Advance News Service)

  • ‘Law enforcement officers risk their lives every single day to keep our communities safe, and they deserve training and resources that help them handle the most difficult situations,’ said Sen. Tillis, who cosponsored the Law Enforcement Scenario-Based Training for Safety and De-Escalation Act of 2023, S. 2637, alongside bill sponsor U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

Frank LaRose

UPI Next Movement grows to block Donald Trump from ballot over Jan. 6

(Thursday, September 7, 9:14 AM | By: Joe Fisher)

  • Ohio is among the states that FSFP sent a letter to. The office of Secretary of State Frank LaRose told UPI it does not anticipate blocking Trump or any candidate from the ballot in 2024.
  • Syndicated By: msnNOWYahoo Ohio will use same unconstitutional congressional maps in 2024, as court dismisses legal challenges

(Thursday, September 7, 9:18 AM | By: Jeremy Pelzer)

  • Neither of the two lawsuits involves Ohio’s state legislative district lines, which the Ohio Supreme Court also found to be unconstitutional last year. The Ohio Redistricting Commission is set to meet on Sept. 13 to begin drawing new Ohio House and Senate maps for next year, though Secretary of State Frank LaRose has warned they only have until nine days after that to pass a final map, given administrative deadlines and a likely court challenge. Putting full text of reproductive rights amendment before voters would end fight over ballot language: Editorial

(Friday, September 8, 6:00 AM | By: Editorial Board)

  • Republicans on the Ballot Board, led by Secretary of State Frank LaRose made the changes last month, inserting phrases that backers of the abortion rights amendment – formally known as The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety amendment — say amount to propaganda.
  • LaRose is Ohio’s highest elected officer charged with monitoring elections and keeping them fair and impartial. He should make it happen.

Free Republic Controversial Transgender Groups Endorse Ohio’s Abortion-Related Issue One

(Friday, September 8, 9:08 PM | By: The Washington Stand)

  • Meanwhile, the measure’s supporters have taken umbrage at the official summary approved by Secretary of State Frank LaRose. The amendment would reinstate the broad exception for the ‘health of the mother’ instituted by Doe v. Bolton.

Cleveland Scene Abortion Rights Groups Ask Ohio Supreme Court to Order Full …

(Thursday, September 7, 3:08 PM | By: Susan Tebben)

  • Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, who leads the ballot board, has also been a vocal opponent of the proposed amendment, posting on social media with anti-abortion groups, and working on a failed constitutional amendment to raise the threshold to approve amendments specifically to block the abortion rights measure.
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WCMH-TV, NBC4, Secretary of state moves offices for the first time in nearly two decades

(Thursday, September 7, 7:00 PM | By: Natalie Fahmy)

  • Right now, the office is on 180 E. Broad Street, but they are making a move to a new building on Civic Center Drive. It is the same address that Secretary of State Frank Larose (R-Ohio) lists for his U.S. Senate campaign, according to the Federal Election Commission.
  • ‘Both Democratic and Republican secretary of states have been in that office for years, so all of a sudden now they have to move because Frank LaRose has to be close to his campaign — I don’t know how else to explain it,’ DeMora said.

ideastream Unconstitutional congressional maps from last year will be used in Ohio next year too

(Friday, September 8, 12:48 AM | By: The Statehouse News Bureau)

  • Jen Miller with the League of Women Voters of Ohio said they’re also going to focus on the process of drawing maps for the Ohio House and Senate. Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose, a member of the Ohio Redistricting Commission which draws the maps, has said those legislative maps should be done by Sept. 22 and must be done by Oct. 23.
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Highland County Press LaRose issues statement on Ohio Supreme Court’s ruling to dismiss challenges to 2022 congressional redistricting map

(Thursday, September 7, 4:15 PM)

  • Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose issued the following statement Thursday regarding the Ohio Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss two lawsuits filed against him challenging the 2022 congressional redistricting map:

ohio star newspaper, columbus oh state and local news, latest business, investigative and political news & headlines Democratic Redistricting Challengers Ask Ohio Supreme Court to Dismiss Their Own Lawsuits

(Friday, September 8, 12:03 AM | By: Hannah Poling)

  • for the Ohio Redistricting Commission to reconvene to begin the process of drawing new state legislative maps on September 13th. As previously reported by The Ohio Star , Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose
  • ‘strongly believe’ that dismissing the lawsuits and keeping the current congressional map through 2024 ‘is the best result under the circumstances for the people of Ohio who deserve certainty about the congressional map that they will be voting under in this cycle, at the very least.’ The Ohio Star reached out to LaRose’s office for comment but did not receive a reply before press time.

The Daily Advocate Brown is standing in the way of small town Ohio – Daily Advocate & Early Bird News

(Friday, September 8, 12:00 AM | By: Daily Advocate)

  • By Frank LaRose Secretary of State to Decide on Bellefontaine Initiative – Peak of Ohio

(Thursday, September 7, 2:50 PM | By: April King)

  • The process now is for Logan County to refer the matter to the Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, for a decision.
  • LaRose will either make the decision or urge Logan County to come to an agreement.

PJ Media Ric Grenell Calls Ron DeSantis ‘Homophobic,’ But Then Megyn Kelly Asks for Receipts

(Thursday, September 7, 7:27 PM | By: Paula Bolyard)

  • Grenell went after me on Twitter not long ago because I wrote an article praising U.S. Senate candidate and Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s efforts to protect the Ohio Constitution from special-interest groups. Grenell falsely accused me of being a “surrogate” for LaRose (a laughable claim) and dug through my Twitter history to find a couple of tweets criticizing Trump, including one where I said he needed to stop running to Maggie Haberman at the New York Times every time he had a story to break (does anyone disagree?). I tweeted back that it was beneath him to lie about me to score political points for Bernie Moreno, who is running against LaRose. Grenell supports Moreno, and Trump has also signaled his support for the wealthy car dealer who ran for an open Senate seat in 2020 and lost to now-Senator J.D.
  • For the record, LaRose was my state senator, and I campaigned against him in his first primary. But I thought he did a good job as senator and supported him in his second term and subsequent secretary-of-state races. Also, for the record, LaRose has endorsed Trump.

Anyuak Media Ohio Proposal to Legalize Marijuana Advances to Statewide Ballot

(Thursday, September 7, 4:40 PM | By: Micheal Anthony)

  • Secretary of State Frank LaRose, a Republican, verified that the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol had submitted 127,772 valid signatures, surpassing the required 124,046, thus ensuring the question will be presented to voters on November 7.
  • The journey to bring this proposal to the ballot has been lengthy. LaRose first presented the petitions to the Ohio General Assembly on January 28, 2022, giving lawmakers a four-month window to take action. However, Republican legislative leaders expressed their intention not to vote in favor of the measure, also alleging that the coalition had missed the deadline for submitting the petition signatures for the 2022 ballot.

Matt Dolan

The Columbus Dispatch Ohio Politics Explained: Court dismisses Congressional redistricting case

(Friday, September 8, 6:07 AM | By: Anna Staver)

  • After losing the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in 2022, state Sen. Matt Dolan, R-Chagrin Falls, promised to help raise money for other GOP politicians.
  • But more than a year after launching, the PAC hasn’t raised much money, Dolan hasn’t made the personal contribution he promised, and the PAC’s primary beneficiary is Dolan himself as he runs for U.S. Senate again.

Bernie Moreno

Free Republic Ohio Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno Rejects Moderate GOP Voters

(Thursday, September 7, 10:57 AM | By: MTN)

  • Free Republic Browse · Search News/Activism Topics · Post Article Ohio Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno Rejects Moderate GOP Voters
  • Ohio Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Moreno went on Roger Stone’s Stone Zone show and complained about Republicans who voted for Joe Biden. Moreno doesn’t want these more moderate Republicans who reject Trump in the Republican Party:
  • Stone: ‘Alright, there you have it. Now you see why I’m for Bernie Moreno.’ (Excerpt) Read more at … TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism ; Politics/Elections

Greg Landsman


The Columbus Dispatch Ohio Supreme Court dismisses legal challenge to congressional map

(Thursday, September 7, 10:00 AM)

  • In 2022, 10 Republicans and five Democrats won seats in Congress representing Ohio. Democratic Rep. Greg Landsman flipped a seat from Republican incumbent Steve Chabot in a district that included the entirety of Cincinnati.
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NewsNation Now Calls for federal name, image, likeness legislation grow louder

(Thursday, September 7, 6:48 PM | By: Cassie Buchman)

  • Still, there are several pieces of legislation dealing with this issue that are being discussed. Back in May, Rep. Mike Carey, a Republican, and Democratic Rep. Greg Landsman, both from Ohio, introduced the Student-Athlete Level Playing Field Act to standardize NIL.

Marcy Kaptur


POLITICO Playbook PM: Joe’s looming Hunter vulnerability – POLITICO

(Thursday, September 7, 1:08 PM)

  • As a result, Sabato’s Crystal Ball shifted its ratings for Democratic Reps. MARCY KAPTUR’s and GREG LANDSMAN’s seats from toss-up to leaning Democratic.

Joyce Beatty

ECM Publishers It’s not just a buzzword: Why civility matters in Congress

(Thursday, September 7, 12:14 PM | By: Lee H. Hamilton)

  • The caucus first came into being in 2018, when two members of Congress from Columbus, Ohio-Democrat Joyce Beatty and Republican Steve Stivers-launched the group with the idea that disagreement is inevitable in politics, but being disagreeable about it doesn’t have to be. It helped that the two had been friends for decades, ever since Beatty, then a state representative, confronted Stivers, a banker, about his bank’s practice of charging check-cashing fees for child-support checks. He’d agreed that, as he later told a reporter, “we needed to take responsibility and fix what we had done.”

Target State House / Senate Candidates & Opponents

ideastream New ban on death penalty in Ohio brings in longtime conservative lawmaker as a sponsor

(Thursday, September 7, 9:35 AM | By: The Statehouse News Bureau)

  • The bill is a companion to Senate Bill 101, introduced by Senate Minority Leader Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood), who has proposed a total of seven bills to ban the death penalty.
  • Prosecutors have opposed these bills. After Antonio introduced SB 101 earlier this year, Louis Tobin, the executive director of the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association said in a statement: “The public is worried about rising crime and increasing violence in our communities and instead of finding ways to increase public safety, help us secure justice for victims, and find a pathway to justice for the victims of Ohio’s most horrific crimes, we have legislators who want to cut Ohio’s worst criminals a break. It’s unfortunate, it’s dangerous, and it’s out of touch.”
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Ohio GOP / Ohio Republicans

American Greatness Which states are polling highest, lowest for Trump? › American Greatness

(Friday, September 8, 2:00 AM | By: AG Staff)

  • Trump and DeSantis ranked 12 in 24 of 25 polls, with the exception being a July 17 Ohio Northern University poll of Ohio GOP voters in which DeSantis placed third with nine percent, behind Vivek Ramaswamy’s 12 percent.

Yahoo Briefs: Crawford SWCD annual meeting, Bucyrus Farmers Market, law enforcement funding

(Friday, September 8, 5:20 AM | By: USA TODAY NETWORK)

  • COLUMBUS — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says $5 million in grant funding is now available to help local law enforcement agencies invest in body camera equipment and pay for associated expenses.
  • The Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Office of Criminal Justice Services (OCJS) Wednesday opened the application period for the third round of the Ohio Body-Worn Camera Grant Program. DeWine launched the program in 2021 to assist local law enforcement agencies with costs related to camera equipment, video storage, editing software, public record management, maintenance and more.

The Atlantic An Epidemic of Disbelief

(Friday, September 8, 9:45 PM | By: Barbara Bradley Hagerty)

  • Under pressure from then–Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, the city’s police department began sending off kits for testing in 2011. Officials called it a ‘forklift’ approach because every box, no matter how old, was shipped to a state lab.
  • Cleveland investigators were soon identifying rapists who had eluded detection for decades. ‘It was much more fruitful than we ever in our wildest dreams imagined,’ recalls DeWine, now the governor of Ohio. Some weeks, Richard Bell, the prosecutor in charge of the task force, would announce 20 new DNA matches. Gov. Mike DeWine joins growing calls for lawmaker to resign over domestic violence arrests

(Thursday, September 7, 12:04 PM | By: Andrew J. Tobias)

  • Gov. Mike DeWine told reporters on Thursday that state Rep. Bob Young, of Green, should step down over the allegations, which led to him being arrested twice. Young was initially arrested in July, and then was arrested again last week after police said he violated the restraining order, spending several days in jail before being released with GPS monitoring.
  • ‘This is a matter obviously that is up to the General Assembly,’ DeWine said. ‘But these are some serious charges.

Ohio Electoral and Issue-based Coverage

Yahoo Pa. election 2023: A complete guide to the candidates for Commonwealth and Superior Courts

(Thursday, September 7, 2:39 PM | By: Stephen Caruso)

  • Read Wolf’s answers to the PBA questionnaire here. A Clarion County resident who holds a law degree from Ohio Northern University, Battista previously served as assistant general counsel for the health and state departments under former Govs. Corbett, a Republican, and Tom Wolf, a Democrat.
  • She clerked for Judge Christine Donohue on the state Supreme and s between 2010 and 2019. Beck has said that during her time clerking, she drafted over 500 opinions and worked on topics ranging from election matters to workers’ compensation to congressional redistricting.

Washington Examiner Ohio Supreme Court clears the way for current congressional map to be used in 2024

(Thursday, September 7, 12:26 PM | By: Jack Birle)

  • T he Ohio Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the legality of the current congressional maps in the Buckeye State, clearing the way for the same maps to be used in the 2024 election .
  • The congressional map, which was used for the 2022 election, was struck down by the Ohio Supreme Court in 2022 under a previous chief justice, but the ruling was remanded by the U.S. Supreme Court in June and sent back to the Ohio Supreme Court.
  • The current congressional map in Ohio has 10 districts represented by Republicans and five represented by Democrats. Two of the Democrats in the Ohio congressional delegation represent districts with a Republican advantage, per the Cook Political Report’ s Partisan Voting Index.
  • Despite the redistricting process mostly taking place between 2021 and 2022, the congressional maps for several states remain in limbo due to legal challenges.

Partner/Peer Organizations & PACs

Los Angeles Times Ohio will keep GOP-drawn congressional maps in 2024 elections, ending legal challenges

(Thursday, September 7, 3:41 PM | By: SAMANTHA HENDRICKSON)

  • The Ohio Supreme Court has declared as invalid newly drawn legislative maps that would have retained Republican supermajorities in the state House and Senate. Jan. 12, 2022 The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio, on behalf of the League of Women Voters of Ohio and others, told the Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday that they are willing to live with the U.S. House map approved March 2, 2022, which was used in last year’s elections.

Fox News Ohio to keep GOP-drawn congressional map after legal challenges fall short

(Thursday, September 7, 3:45 PM | By: Associated Press)

  • The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio, on behalf of the League of Women Voters of Ohio and others, told the Ohio Supreme Court Tuesday that they are willing to live with the House map approved March 2, 2022, which was used in last year’s elections.

WBNS-10TV Gahanna Lincoln teacher named 2024 Ohio Teacher of the Year

(Thursday, September 7, 4:05 PM | By: 10TV Web Staff)

  • GAHANNA, Ohio — The Ohio Education Association announced that their 2024 Ohio Teacher of the Year is Gahanna Lincoln High School teacher Mark Lowrie.

All-in-One Inbox / Local

Gov. DeWine Comms Governor DeWine Announces New Partnership to Provide Free Broadband Job Training

(Thursday, September 7, 11:22 AM | By:

  • Governor DeWine HOIA logo


(Thursday, September 7, 12:00 PM | By:

  • JD Vance for US Senate America First?

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost Forensic and Digital Facial Reconstruction of Stark County John Doe Released to Public

(Thursday, September 7, 11:28 AM | By:

  • Dave_Yost_Header

Greg Landsman A small ask for Derek

(Thursday, September 7, 1:46 PM | By:

  • Hey {first_name}, it’s Greg.
  • Thanks to the support of this grassroots team, we defied the odds and made history as the only House Democratic campaign to defeat a multiterm Republican incumbent in 2022. Your support means the world, and we wouldn’t be here without you.

Team Kaptur  BREAKING: Ohio Supreme Court keeps gerrymandered districts in place

(Thursday, September 7, 5:04 PM | By:

  • Earlier today, Ohio’s Supreme Court tossed out challenges to the gerrymandered districts drawn up by Republicans last year. Their ruling means that the maps in place last November will remain in place again for 2024. This is now the second election Ohioans will vote in with unconstitutional maps.
  • Multiple outlets have rated Marcy’s district as a TOSS UP race and already Republicans are lining up to try to defeat us next November. We cannot let them.

Team Emilia JUST IN: We’re the most competitive race in Ohio →

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  • JUST IN: We were just rated as the most competitive congressional race in Ohio.
  • Chip in now to help us win Ohio’s most competitive race →we wanted you to hear this first: Top elections experts just weighed in on our 2024 race, and they’re rating us as the most competitive race in Ohio.

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Gilberto Hinojosa The Paxton Impeachment Trial: Day Two Recap

(Thursday, September 7, 10:53 AM | By:

  • The second day of the Impeachment Trial of Ken Paxton was chock full of intrigue, revelations of problematic behavior by Paxton, and disagreements on procedure and evidence. It was missing one key figure though: Ken Paxton. Add your name to our petition demanding Paxton testify. It’s clear by his absence from his own trial that Paxton thinks he’s above the law. More than that, his refusal to participate is disrespectful to the Texans that expect and demand answers and accountability from Texas’ chief law enforcement officer.
  • In case you weren’t able to watch, here are some topline highlights from Day 2:

Peach State Update Could we see MTG vs. Jon Ossoff?

(Thursday, September 7, 12:29 PM | By:

  • That’s right, Marjorie Taylor Greene is saying she might challenge Jon Ossoff for his Senate seat!
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene has gained a LOT of power this year, and she’s now the right hand of Speaker Kevin McCarthy. She’s even being floated as a potential running mate for Donald Trump.

 September Status Report | CADEM What is Kevin McCarthy doing?

(Thursday, September 7, 3:01 PM | By:

  • Friend – Congress is finally back from August recess and it’s time to get down to business!
  • So what are Kevin McCarthy and his House Republicans doing to stop a government shutdown later this month? Well… not much →

Stop Marjorie Taylor Greene We need you on board right now

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  • {first_name}, we’re not going to sugarcoat it: We absolutely need you on board for this critical, one-day donor drive if we’re going to defeat Marjorie Taylor Greene. If that’s all you need to hear, pitch in now. If not, keep reading.
  • >>might be asking yourself – the next major election is a year and a half away, why is today so critical in our efforts to stop MTG?