Last week we delivered a major win for Ohio: the investment necessary to complete the historic Intel project in Licking County.

This investment will create 10,000 new Ohio jobs. It will mean work for 7,000 union workers in the skilled trades over 10 years, and 3,000 workers in Intel’s fabs.

For decades now, we haven’t manufactured nearly enough in this country. America invented the semiconductor, yet today, 90 percent of them are made overseas.

We wrote the CHIPS Act to bring the production of semiconductor chips back home where it belongs: to America — and to Ohio.

These chips are one of the most important inputs in the modern economy. They’re in everything — washing machines, trucks, solar panels, and nearly all manufacturing equipment.

After we passed the bill into law, we immediately got to work to ensure Ohio was in the best position possible to receive the investment. We worked every angle to make sure our application was the strongest in the country.

Today, all those years of effort are paying off. This investment is going to allow this project to reach its full potential — for Ohio workers, Ohio innovation, and Ohio leadership.

Let’s bury the term “rust belt” once and for all.

— Sherrod


  • Sherrod’s job is to always fight for Ohio communities. When Columbiana County residents reached out to him after the East Palestine train derailment about the safety of their drinking water, he secured a new investment for private well sampling.
  • Big Pharma sets high drug prices, and PBMs — shady drug middlemen — jack them up even further. After years of fighting to let Medicare negotiate prices, Sherrod finally beat Big Pharma in 2022. Now, he’s calling for immediate action to take on PBMs.
  • Sherrod successfully pushed the EPA to reverse course on a proposed rule that would have hurt Ohio steelworkers.