New Trainings and Opportunities to Get Involved!

Hello Raymond,

We are gearing up for our next round of trainings at LEAD Ohio as we close out our Campaign Academy! Congratulations to the 50+ LEADers who put in over 50 hours of training over the last four months to run successful races as candidates and campaign staff!

Turning toward November, we are proud to be part of the Citizens Not Politicians campaign. We are also excited to announce our inaugural Governance Academy and we are preparing for our next cohort of Women’s Progressive LEADership Circles to start in the summer!

Getting involved for November: Ending Gerrymandering

Every 10 years with the updated US census new Congressional districts and State Legislative districts are drawn to align with the changing population of our state. Unfortunately, with politicians in charge of this process, Ohioans have ended up with severely gerrymandered districts and policies more extreme than what Ohioans generally want.

Citizens Not Politicians is working to collect signatures and get redistricting reform on the November ballot. The Citizens Not Politicians Amendment bans lobbyists and politicians from the redistricting process and instead empowers voters to choose their politicians. The coalition aims to restore power to where it belongs: with citizens, not politicians. There are many ways to get involved in the effort:

  • Gather signatures in your county to ensure this amendment is on the November ballot
  • Submit letters to the editor to your local newspaper to raise awareness
  • Educate your network on why this is necessary
  • Uplift the effort on social media

Sign up to get involved here, and you can access their toolkit here.

Applications LIVE: The LEAD Ohio Governance Academy

The inaugural 2024 LEAD Ohio Governance Academy is a comprehensive 30+ hour training for newly elected or appointed public officials. While there are a number of resources and trainings available to progressive candidates, there is little support for our candidates after they win their elections or are appointed to office. This cohort is open to any municipal or school board official who was elected or appointed within the last year.

The Governance Academy will bridge the gap from candidacy to public office. This Academy will provide the resources and tools to become skillful and successful public officials, building on the skills and tools utilized during candidacy.

Apply to the Governance Academy Today!

Upcoming training: The Women’s Progressive LEADership Circle

Our Women’s Progressive LEADership Circles will launch this summer to support women on the ballot. A Women’s Progressive Leadership Circle is a competitive advantage for women candidates. Circles are a peer group, with women experiencing the same campaign challenges at the same time.

WPLC allows candidates to raise and work through issues that are discussed nowhere else. With the leadership of corporate leadership coach Janine Moon and psychologist and political activist Bobbie Celeste, participants will access mentorship and expertise as they navigate their political and personal life and create healthy support systems.

Read more about WPLC and stay tuned for updates here.

We’re Hiring!

Join the LEAD Ohio team as our NE Ohio Regional Director for the Buckeye Justice Forum. This position will help to recruit judicial candidates, assist with BJF programing, including our Speaker Series and Law School outreach. To learn more about the position and apply, click here.

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At LEAD, we encourage progressives to run for office at all levels and support candidates and staff with training, resources, and a strong progressive network.

We are always looking for candidates who are interested in running for municipal and school board races as well as progressives who are interested in managing or working on campaigns. If you know someone who may be interested, have them reach out to us at or by completing the contact form on our website.

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