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Our annual Build Blue Week kicks off Monday!

For four days, we’re hosting some of the top names and elected officials in progressive politics to discuss their experiences, share insights, and provide you with the tools to hit the ground running in 2024.

Learn more about each event and register below!

Down Ballot, Up Ticket: How Democrats Win in 2024
Monday, October 2 at 1pm ET

Our kickoff event will set the stage for what’s to come for the week ahead and 2024 as a head. Leaders will lay out the importance of building grassroots support. Local races and Democratic victories down-ballot build momentum that rises all the way to the top!

Re-electing President Joe Biden is of course a top priority. But that energy can work in tandem with local and municipal races! Bring your ideas and thoughts to this in-depth, strategic discussion.


Cultivating Local Donors for Long-Term Change
Tuesday, October 3 at 1pm ET

Fundraising is the foundation of any campaign, local, state, or national! But in the face of economic uncertainty and an ever-changing charitable giving landscape, it’s essential that campaigns are savvy with their asks to donors.

This panel of fundraising experts will go over new, innovative strategies for building and maintaining financial support within your community. Dive into their unique and creative fundraising strategies that you can use on your own campaign or in your local party.


Coalition Building for Community Change
Wednesday, October 4 at 1pm ET

It’s on progressives to build organizing programs that can reach voters persuasively and resoundingly. Not only that, authentic, long-term relationships with supporters go far beyond Election Day.

Wednesday’s panel brings together organizing pros to discuss their own experiences rallying support. Learn how your campaign or organization can adapt and garner as much support as possible ahead of Election Day.


Messages That Connect: Local Issues & National Narratives
Thursday, October 5 at 1pm ET

Political polarization has been top of mind for Americans for years. In fact, nearly half of the population consider themselves Independents. Voters are inundated with messaging from across the political spectrum, so progressives need to be clear and decisive in their messages.

And it’s not just the content of these messages that matter; there are countless ways to reach voters whether it’s digital or in-person events. That’s why we’re hosting communication experts who will share their own strategies in reaching voters, especially amid right-wing misinformation.