The true cost of private school voucher programs—a Fact Sheet by Public Funds Public Schools

Universal voucher programs start with a small enrollment and cost and then morph to unmanageable costs. Public Funds Public Schools recently published a Fact Sheet which shows that voucher programs are expensive and that such programs increase and outpace estimates.

New PFPS Fact Sheet: The True Cost of Private School Voucher Programs

Author: PFPS

Posted: Sep 19, 2023

In the face of widespread misinformation, the newest resource in the Public Funds Public Schools fact sheet series details the true, staggering costs of private school voucher programs.

Recent efforts to enact large-scale voucher legislation, including “universal” voucher programs, demand a factual accounting of the real fiscal consequences of these programs. PFPS fact sheets are designed to provide research-based, concise, downloadable tools for advocates, students, families, educators, and policymakers.

The latest PFPS fact sheet provides succinct, evidence-backed talking points explaining that:

  • Voucher programs are expensive, with costs further increased by fraud and waste;
  • Spending on voucher programs increases over time;
  • Voucher program costs frequently outpace initial estimates.

Private school voucher programs divert vital funding away from public schools. In addition to their financial costs, these programs harm educational outcomes, increase segregation, and facilitate discrimination against students and families. Public funds must be invested in public schools, which welcome all children and are responsible for serving the vast majority of students.

The full PFPS fact sheet list, policy briefs, webinars, and other advocacy tools to fight vouchers are available on the Advocacy page of the PFPS website.

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