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Election day is only 36 days away, and while we are doing everything we can to get out the vote, it’s also time for us at LEAD to start looking to 2024. It’s hard to believe that filing deadlines for those thinking of running next year are right around the corner. This is where we come in! We’re here to help prepare progressive leaders in Ohio to learn everything they need to know about campaigning so they feel confident in their decision to run or work on someone’s campaign.

2024 LEAD Campaign Academy

This year’s Academy combines our traditional candidate, judicial candidate, and campaign staff trainings into a comprehensive, 50-hour training program. Over the course of 6 weekends, the LEAD Campaign Academy will cover campaign best practices and candidate development; specific guidance for judicial candidate compliance; and resources for those interested in working on campaigns.

Our Candidate Academy is a great fit for:

  • Candidates planning to run in 2024
  • Judicial Candidates planning to run in 2024
  • Individuals ready to staff campaigns
  • Super volunteers looking to improve their skills

Acceptance into the Academy is competitive.
Applications are due 11:59 pm Sunday, November 12. 

Apply today!
Questions about the Academy? Email us at info@leadohio.org.

Vote-HER Information Sessions

Women LEADing Ohio, a project of the LEAD Ohio Foundation, will be hosting a series of Information Sessions for women leading up to Election Day.

In these sessions, we will cover:

  • What is on the ballot?
  • Why is voting this year important, particularly for women?
  • How could I be impacted by the outcome of these elections?
  • When can I vote?
  • Where can I vote?
  • What else can I do to get involved?

These virtual sessions are free and open to all. Dates and registration links below:

Early Vote – NEXT Week!

Early vote is nearly here! Remember to check your voter registration and make a plan to vote.
Check your voter registration here
Thank you, to our friends at Innovation Ohio, for creating this comprehensive voter guide! Please use and share this tool to learn about Issues 1 & 2, what’s on your ballot, and to receive election reminders!
Ohio Voter Guide

Stay Connected

At LEAD, we encourage progressives to run for office at all levels and support candidates and staff with training, resources, and a strong progressive network.

We are actively looking for candidates who are interested in running for local or judicial offices that will be on the 2023 ballot, as well as progressives who are interested in managing or working on campaigns. If you know someone who may be interested, have them reach out to us at info@leadohio.org.

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Support LEAD Ohio

As an Ohio based non-profit, we rely on donations from generous individuals who share our passion for supporting progressive policies and the candidates who can put them in place. We offer all of our educational training programs at no cost to ensure emerging leaders across the state are able to get the skills and support needed to become successful progressive champions in elected office or grassroots advocacy.

Please consider supporting our work by contributing to LEAD Ohio today!  Want to learn more?  Check out www.leadohio.org.

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