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Something new is coming!

On October 12th our Online Academy will transition over to a new dashboard with an updated learning experience. You’ll still have access to the same courses and resources you do now, but with an improved experience to help you learn the skills you need quicker and more effectively.

You’ll continue to see new enhancements and updates as we head into the new year (we can’t wait to share how you can use them to better organize your training and reach your goals more effectively) but for now, here’s what you need to know:

  • You’ll need to re-login the first time you enter the Online Academy after the switch over (don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it)
  • Your course enrollment will be transitioned to your new dashboard, but not your course progress (so note where you are in a course NOW to more quickly allow you to find your spot after the transition). You will still have a record of courses completed.

A special thank you to everyone who joined this week’s Build Blue Week events.

In the coming weeks, look forward to more wrap-up content and highlights from our four incredible panels.

In the meantime: it’s October, meaning Election Day is just around the corner. While we take a live training break next week, look forward to October’s live training events that will review key skills and lay the foundation for debriefing.

What Is a Democratic Precinct Chair?
Thursday, October 12 at 1pm ET

Whether you are running for office or working with your local Democratic party, it’s essential to understand what a Democratic Precinct Chair is and the role they play in field efforts and precinct prioritization.

This training will teach you everything you need to know about the precinct chair role, and our expert trainers will discuss non-electoral organizing in your precinct.


How to Maximize Your Personal Network to Raise Money
Friday, October 13 at 1pm ET

We’re thrilled to partner up for this training with the preeminent fundraising experts in progressive politics: ActBlue!

The greatest source of revenue for your campaign are the people around you, both in your personal network and wider community.

This training will show you how to optimize your existing networks in order to secure campaign funds. You’ll get tactics, tips, and tricks for making hard asks and re-soliciting (or re-engaging) prior donors.


How to Run a Political Campaign Debrief
Monday, October 16 at 1pm ET

Even though Election Day has not happened yet, planning a debrief with your team needs to be a priority. At this training, you’ll learn from your wins and losses in 2023 and move on with a better, stronger strategy for 2024.

By the end of the training, you’ll be able to recognize the components of an effective debrief and get the tools to lead one yourself.