Coalition/Vouchers Hurt Ohio attorney: State Auditor’s “survey” to collect data on litigation expenses is contemptuous and criminal behavior.
The Senate President requested the Auditor of State to survey school districts to gather and report on the use of public funds in support of the EdChoice voucher lawsuit. THAT DATA CAN BE FOUND ON THE VHO WEBSITE. The cost of joining is identified as $2.00 per student. The enrollment in school districts is available on the Ohio Department of Education website (ODE). Another less difficult way of securing information is to ask the Coalition treasurer for it. Therefore the tactic of contacting school districts via the State Auditor raise the specter of intimidation.
If the President of the Senate or the Auditor of the State wants to know how much school districts have contributed to the EdChoice voucher litigation, the Coalition Treasurer can provide the data on a timely basis.
It has been reported that the Senate President insinuates that there will be funding consequences if the lawsuit against vouchers is not dropped. The Senate President has never endorsed the Cupp/Patterson Fair School Funding plan.  He may be merely using the “threat of consequences” as a scare tactic. State officials know the only way they can win the EdChoice voucher lawsuit is by intimidating the districts that support it.
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