A Picture of Education if the Individual is Funded and Not the System: Gross Inequities and Absurd Inadequacies.
EdChoice voucher is a placeholder for the complete, privatization of the public common school system. Privatization of public education will allow the market forces to be enthusiastically engaged.
A view of the market:
Products offered for purchase are tailored to fit various income levels. For example, Lamborghini and Cadillac autos are typically purchased by high income folks, but other brands and styles of autos are available for purchase by lower income folks. “Lemons” are available to very low income folks. Hence, autos are affordable to most folks regardless of income. The market caters to all, regardless of income.
If the common school, to which all are entitled, is transitioned to the private marketplace, there will be schools designed to fit all income levels. Personal income and Government subsidies (vouchers) would be available to parents (students) to supplement personal income to purchase education. The Government subsidy might cover the lowest cost education offering.
In the marketplace environment, all types of educational programming would be made available at costs ranging from, in current dollars, $100,000 down to the amount of the government subsidy. So much for equity and adequacy.
The citizens of Ohio and the nation are being duped. In the 1950’s Economist Milton Friedman advocated the government’s role was only to provide a voucher to allow the purchase of a private education.
In 2006, Friedman, in remarks to the American Legislative Council (ALEC), suggested that government should have no role in education—that parents should fund the education of their children.
Voucher advocates should pull the curtains open to view the puppeteers who are pulling the strings.
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