An Article in the January 4 Gongwer News Service Reveals Some of the Legislative Priorities of the Senate President for the 135thGeneral Assembly
Comments by the Senate President as reported in the January 4 Gongwer would not be encouraging to public education leaders, personnel and advocates:
  •  “no promises on continuation of the Cupp-Patterson Fair School Funding Plan”
  • “look for other ways to make sure money is being spent in a productive way”
  • “while cautioning against any one-size-fits-all approach given the disparities among school districts”
  • “what happened in the 134th General Assembly won’t be binding on the 135th on the 140th or the 200th
The above statements are politico-speak for the following translation:
  1. Cupp/Patterson Fair School Funding Plan, in his mind, is not a priority
  2. Voucher scheme is the way to make sure money is being spent in the most productive way
  3. Expand vouchers to avoid one-size-fits-all
  4. Cupp-Patterson Fair School Funding Plan partially funded by the 134th General Assembly is not binding on the 135th General Assembly or those in the future
Public school advocates beware of the Ohio Senate.
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