The Ohio Ballot Board has approved the Reproductive Rights Amendment as a single ballot issue. Read more about the issue here.

This means that signature gathering time starts now. We will need at least 4,022 valid signatures of registered Clermont County voters if we want Clermont to be one of the 44 counties in which a minimum number of signatures is required for the amendment to get on the ballot. That means we really need at least 8,100 signatures to account for possible invalid signatures. To make the November 2023 ballot, petitions with “approximately” 413,000 valid signatures, including signatures in 44 counties equal to 5% of the 2022 vote for Governor in that county, must be submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State by July 5, 2023.

Word from Patty Lawrence on behalf of Democracy In Action, DIA, is they are committed to gathering signatures in Clermont Co. They are working on a multi-faceted collection plan hosting drive thru, canvass, and be at events. For more information contact Patty at

How to sign so that your signature does not get rejected.

    • Sign the petition for the county where you are a registered voter.
    • If you are not a registered voter, sign up online or fill out a form from one of the volunteers on site.
    • Sign the petition sign only one time as that is all that will count. Multiple signatures mess up out count.
    • Use blue or black ink only.
    • Print legibly except for your signature.
    • Your signature must be signed and not printed.  Printed signatures will not be counted.  Only you can sign your name.

How to Circulate Petitions

We will need all hands to gather signatures. It’s not difficult, but petitions must be carefully tracked so you can sign them out for one week at a time.

  • Ask your friends, family to sign.
  • Host a petition signing drop-in.
  • Obtain a list of your like minded neighbors from DIA and ask them. They will be HAPPY to hear from you.
  • Attend an event ask people to sign.
  • Work the polls in May 2 as you know everyone headed in the door is a registered voter.

Send an email stating you’d like to help and we will be in-touch with all that you need as soon as we have enough petitions. info@democracyinactionohio.