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State Issue 1 will establish in the Ohio Constitution that “[e]very individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions.” This principle should be non-controversial. That a woman’s right to decide whether and when she will give birth is a basic human right should be beyond all debate. It should not be surprising, and is illogical, that Ohio conservatives oppose Issue 1. We have seen conservatives react very strongly against government involvement in individuals’ health care decision making to the point of opposing things like mask mandates and vaccination requirements necessary to prevent the spread of deadly diseases. CONTINUE READING

What’s New From Clermont To Columbus And Beyond

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Two measures further expanding gun rights moving in Ohio Statehouse

A pair of gun bills backed by Ohio Sen. Terry Johnson, R-McDermott, are quietly making their way through committees. Both proposals are prospective in nature — seeking not so much to change existing policy, but to anticipate and forestall potential changes in the future. For nearly a decade in the state House and Senate, Johnson has been a consistent voice pushing for more expansive gun rights in Ohio. He was the driving force behind last year’s sweeping concealed carry changes allowing most adults to carry without a permit. Before that he sponsored several stand your ground measures. CONTINUE READING

Editors Note: Terry Johnson is our state senator here in Clermont County. If you disagree with the loose gun laws he’s pushing that is flooding our streets with guns then contact Terry Johnson, State Senator Ohio District 14 (all of Clermont County) by email: https://ohiosenate.gov/members/terry-johnson/contact or phone (614) 466-8082 or both.

Effort to replace Ohio’s political-mapmaking system with citizen-led panel cleared to gather signatures

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Backers of a proposal to reform Ohio’s troubled political map-making system got the go-ahead Thursday to begin signature-gathering. The Ohio Ballot Board cleared the way when it agreed unanimously that the constitutional amendment proposed by Citizens Not Politicians constitutes a single subject. The campaign committee now has until July 3 of next year to collect the 413,487 valid signatures required to make the November 2024 ballot. CONTINUE READING

Ohio Republican infighting drama continues as lawsuit filed against House speaker

The ongoing saga of Republican infighting in the Ohio House has led to the Speaker being sued by his rivals. Republican State Reps. Ron Ferguson (Wintersville), Derek Merrin (Monclova), Phil Plummer (Dayton) and the Ohio House Republican Alliance (OHRA) have filed a lawsuit against Speaker Jason Stephens (R-Kitts Hill), state Rep. Jeff LaRe (R-Violet Twp.), treasurer of OHRA J. Matthew Yuskewich and Winterset CPA Group, Inc. This controversy is about who is in control of the money inside the House GOP campaign fund. CONTINUE READING

CCDP Headquarters Office Hours

For your convenience, the Clermont County Democratic Party office will be open during the following hours beginning Oct. 1 through election day, Nov. 7. Information, literature and signs regarding Issue 1 will be available. The address is 174 E. Main St., Batavia. Phone: 513-732-2378. Thank you to all who have volunteered!

You may pick up YES on Issue 1 signs at the Clermont County Democratic Party office at 174 E. Main St., Batavia, Ohio 45103, hours listed above.
Let’s flood Clermont County and GOTV!

Election 2023


If you live in Batavia townships H or I or Batavia Village A, you will be voting in a new location this November.  Because of the closing of the middle school, you are being moved to the old high school gym on Bulldog Place. This will be the new administration building for Batavia Schools. There is a circle drive where the entrance is located.

Democrats on the ballot November 7, 2023

Myra Powers is running for the Milford School Board on the 2023 November ballot this year. Go to Myra Powers for Milford to learn more about Myra and donate to her campaign.

Emily Chesnut is running for reelection to the Milford School Board on the 2023 November ballot this year. To find out more about Emily and how you can support her campaign go to Chesnut for Milford. Check out her Facebook page at Emily Chesnut for School Board.

Deidre Hazelbaker is running for Loveland City Council on the 2023 November ballot. Go to Vote for Hazelbaker to learn more about Deidre and donate to her campaign. Check out her Facebook page at Vote for Hazelbaker.

Alice Rolfes is running for Monroe Township Trustee on the 2023 November ballot. You can donate to her campaign here.

Editors note: The most effective way to support a candidate is to donate to their campaign. No amount is too small. Since this is a non-partisan election year, meaning candidates political affiliation does not appear on the ballot, please let us know of any other Democratic candidates who may want recognition in this newsletter.

Issues on the ballot November 7, 2023

Issue 1: The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety, if passed, would amend Article I of the Ohio Constitution. Go to Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom to download the the three page PDF that contains the language of the amendment and find out how you can help support the amendment.

Issue 2: An Act to Control and Regulate Adult Use Cannabis is an initiated statute proposal sponsored by “The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” (CRMLA). To download the language of the initiative and learn how you can support the effort go to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.


Join The Fight To Pass The Reproductive Freedom Amendment On November 7th

Talk to your friends and neighbors. Be sure they understand what Issue I really is. Issue 1 opponents are spreading lies about the amendment. Click here to download key talking points regarding Issue 1. Register someone to vote then take them to vote early. Put up a YES on Issue 1 yard sign. Below are more ways to get involved.

  • Ohio Dems November 2023 Canvass Captain Zoom Training – Time – Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30 – 6:30pm EDT, virtual event, join from anywhere. To codify reproductive freedom into our state constitution this November, we need to knock 400,000 doors. Want to take on the most consequential volunteer role imaginable in this fight for repro? Join us for one of these training session to learn how to be a Canvass Captain! LEARN MORE
  • Ohio Dems November Election Virtual Phonebank and Training – Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30 – 7:30pm EDT, virtual event, join from anywhere. Join other callers for these dialer phonebanks run by the Ohio Democratic Party as we put in the hard work to ensure that the Reproductive Freedom Constitutional Amendment passes this November! LEARN MORE
  • Protect Abortion Rights in Ohio: Postcards to Voters hosted by Activate America This November, Ohio voters will be heading to the polls to vote on an amendment that would enshrine abortion protections in their constitution. We know a majority of Ohioans support protecting abortion rights with an amendment. Let’s Get Out The Vote!. Sign up for postcard lists today to ensure Democratic voters have the info they need to vote. Please write postcards now and mail them starting October 4 through October 28 at the latest. SIGN UP HERE

Election 2024

Democrats on the ballot November 5, 2024 – This is the big one!

Joseph Robinette Biden is running for a second term as POTUS in 2024. You know him. Vote for him! To support his campaign go to Joe Biden for President

Sherrod Brown is running for reelection for Ohio senator in 2024. You know him. Vote for him! To support his campaign go to Sherrod Brown for Senate.

(Possible) Issue on the ballot November 5, 2024

Citizen-led Statewide Redistricting Commission – Groups are starting to collect signatures to get a constitutional amendment on the Nov. 2024 ballot that would scrap Ohio’s current system for drawing legislative and congressional district maps and create a new one. Learn more.

Important Date

December 20, 2023 – Deadline to file declaration of candidacy for 2024 election by 4 p.m. at the Clermont County Board of Elections.

2023 Ready to Run Campaign Training

We Need More Women in Government

Ready to Run is a nonpartisan campaign training program to encourage women to run for elected office, position themselves for appointed office, work on a campaign, or get involved in public life in other ways.

December 9, 2023
9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Ohio State University
John Glenn College of Public Affairs
Page Hall
1810 College Rd
Columbus, OH 43210

$50 Registration
$0 Student


Must register by Dec. 2

Is Your Ohio General Assembly Working For You?

Over the last decade the Ohio General Assembly, also known as the State Legislature, has been illegally gerrymandered into a Republican Super Majority. But that does not render Ohio Democrats helpless. We are hearing from the Democrats serving in the Ohio House that Republicans in the Ohio House are not hearing from opponents to their policies. So the Republicans tell their colleagues no one is against them.

Here’s the deal, all reps are required to log every phone call and email from constituents. We need ALL good Democrats to call or email their state reps and senators every day or every week. Whether your issue is gun safety, reproductive rights, corruption in our government, voter suppression or public education, CALL YOUR REPS! Below is the contact information for Clermont County reps and senator.

Adam Bird State Rep Ohio District 63 (southern Clermont County)

Email: https://ohiohouse.gov/members/adam-c-bird/contact
(614) 644-6034
Twitter @AdamCBird

Jeanne Schmidt State Rep Ohio District 62 (northern Clermont County)
Email: https://www.ohiohouse.gov/members/jean-schmidt/contact
(614) 466-8134

Terry Johnson State Senator Ohio District 14 (all of Clermont County)
Email: https://ohiosenate.gov/members/terry-johnson/contact
(614) 466-8082

Looking for an issue to call about? Read the article below which explains how our own State Senator Terry Johnson is pushing loose gun laws.

Two measures further expanding gun rights moving in Ohio Statehouse

Join The Donkey Club Today

We need your support. The Clermont County Democratic Party relies solely on donations from our friends to operate. Our Donkey Club is our major source of funding and we hope you will become a member today. Member benefits below.

  • A headquarters located centrally in the county in Batavia
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Click the Donate button below and make your donation securely online through ActBlue or mail a check. Make Checks payable to: Clermont County Democratic Party (CCDP), PO Box 475, Batavia, OH 45103

Thank you for your support! Raymond W. Lembke, Party Chairman Clermont County Democratic Party


Below is a listing of Democratic groups in Clermont County. Click on the name of each club and it will take you to their website or Facebook page with updated information about meetings.

Quin-T Democrat ClubDemocracy In Action
West Clermont DemocratsClermont County Young Democrats
The Goshen Democratic ClubDrinking Liberally

Clermont County Democratic Party Central Committee

Please contact Patty Lawrence at p.lawrence@fuse.net for information on the next Central Committee meeting.

Clermont County Democratic Party Executive Committee

Next Executive Committee meeting will be Thursday, October 26, 2023 at 7:00 pm

This will be a hybrid meeting with choice of in-person at headquarters, 174 E. Main Street, Batavia, Ohio 45103 and via Zoom. Central Committee members are encouraged to attend.


CCDP has three active committees. Each committee needs volunteers. Please consider getting involved. The strength of our party is our volunteers. You may contact the respective Chairs of each committee below by clicking on their name if you are interested in volunteering.

Finance Committee– Chair – Ben Brady

Events Committee – Chair – Katherine Lent

Communications Committee – Chair – Michelle DeTemple
The Communications Committee meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm via Zoom.


Patty Lawrence – Central Committee Chair
Benjamin Indino – Central Committee Vice Chair
Tracy Jo Small – Central Committee Vice Chair
Amanda Fox – Central Committee Secretary

Raymond Lembke – Executive Committee Chair
Elaine Barnett – Executive Committee Vice Chair
Chris Barnett – Treasurer
Katherine Lent – Executive Committee Secretary



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