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 WORD FROM THE CHAIR- Raymond Lembke

 The Newsletter

You may have noticed that our newsletter missed its regular bi-weekly schedule. That is because there has been a change in who produces our newsletter. Producing the newsletter is a huge task and is done by volunteers. No one can do that task indefinitely. The Clermont County Democratic Party is deeply grateful to Cheryl Richards of Moscow who produced our newsletter for several years. We are also very grateful to Jennifer Ginder of Loveland who is taking over production of the newsletter. The newsletter was, and remains, in very talented hands.

Elections 2024

It sounds like hyperbole, but the 2024 elections really are about preserving democracy in America and in Ohio. One prominent presidential candidate has already declared his intention to be a “dictator” as soon as he is sworn in. The far right in our General Assembly continues to plot ways to override the will of the voters expressed in last November’s election on both reproductive freedom and marijuana. Who we elect in 2024 will determine whether we abandon 235 years of representative democracy and the rule of law.

The election process starts with the primary elections on March 19, 2024. In the main, the primary election allows voters in each party to choose their party’s candidates for the general election in November. However, on our side, the primary election is the election of members to our Clermont County Democratic Party Central Committee. There is a seat on the Central Committee for a person from each voting precinct in Clermont County. We have 57 people whose names will appear on the Democratic ballot in their precinct for Central Committee, and we have one write-in candidate. None of these races are contested, but every Central Committee candidate needs at least one vote. Each of the people running for Central Committee is worthy of your vote. Please vote for our Central Committee candidate if one is running in your precinct.

As I said, the aspect of the primary election most people will focus on is the selection of candidates for the November general election. There are too many offices on the ballot to discuss all at once. I do want to highlight one primary candidate in particular. Elizabeth Jones is running as a write-in candidate for Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas. This is an open office because the Republican incumbent is not a candidate this year. While Ms. Jones is our only candidate for Clerk, she needs a certain number of votes for her name to appear on the ballot in November. If we do not give her at least that minimum number of votes, the one Republican running will be unopposed and will win the Clerk’s job. Please write-in Elizabeth Jones for Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas on your Democratic primary ballot.

Technically, we have three contested Democratic primary races. A candidate has been certified by the Secretary of State in the Democratic presidential primary in addition to President Biden. I see no chance that this candidate can defeat President Biden.

One genuinely contested Democratic primary is for the U.S. House of Representatives from the Second District of Ohio. The incumbent Republican is not running for another term, making this an open seat. The Second is a geographically huge district, stretching from Clermont County in the west to Meigs County in the east and from Lawrence County in the south to Pickaway County in the north. Fifteen counties are in the district. The two Democrats seeking to be the candidate for this seat in November are Samantha Meadows of Chillicothe and Joe Wessels of Loveland. Samantha Meadows has been endorsed in this race by the Ohio Democratic Party.

The Republican primary race for the Second District is also interesting. Since people think it is a sure win for the Republican in November, people have come out of the woodwork to run for the Republican nomination. There are eleven candidates plus one more person who is suing, likely unsuccessfully, to add his name to the ballot in this race. Almost all of the candidates are priding themselves on unquestioning fealty to donald trump. (Initial capital letters are a sign of respect, which is why I never use them when writing that man’s name). Some Democrats in Hamilton County who know him have told me that Phil Heimlich is not a trumper and that his stated ambition is to be the Liz Cheney of the Ohio Second District. That tells me a lot. While Ms. Cheney has rightly been lauded for her opposition to trump and her work on the House Select Committee on the January 6, 2021 insurrection, Ms. Cheney is still very far right. I do not think Democrats should cross over and vote in the Republican primary. Would you really want to be listed as a Republican in the public voter records? That said, if you know any reasonable Republicans, encourage them to vote for Phil Heimlich for Congress in their primary election on March 19.

I will have more of my thoughts about the primary election in subsequent newsletters. Be safe.

What’s New From Clermont To Columbus And Beyond

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Citizen activists throughout Ohio have started collecting signatures to get a constitutional amendment on the Nov. 2024 ballot that would scrap Ohio’s current system for drawing legislative and congressional district maps and create a new one. This time, POLITICIANS won’t have a seat the table.  Learn more at Citizens Not Politicians.


Ohio legislators banned gender-affirming care for minors Wednesday, overriding Republican Gov. Mike DeWine’s December veto of the bill in an intraparty schism and joining more than 20 states that have levied similar restrictions in recent years.

The Ohio House voted to override 65-28 this month, followed by the state Senate’s 23-9 vote on Wednesday after nearly an hour of debate across the aisle. Both chambers are led by Republican super majorities.

Ohio Republicans have introduced legislation to eliminate the income and commercial activity tax, drawing ire from critics who say this will cause an economic meltdown. Ohio continues to reduce the state income tax year after year.


The delegates who will represent the second congressional district at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August are Terry Williams, Dona Meyer and Amy Petit.

Election 2024

President Joe Biden and U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown may get the most headlines, but the further down the ballot, the closer the issues are to your neighborhood and family. This year we elect a replacement for Brad Wenstrup in the U.S. House of Representatives, all statehouse representatives and half of the state senate. We elect Ohio Supreme Court justices and numerous county officers, including commissioners, clerk of courts, prosecutor, treasurer, recorder, judges and more. The primary is coming up on March 19, and these Democrats will be on the ballot:

  • Samantha Meadows (U.S. House of Representatives, OH 2)
  • Joe Wessels (U.S. House of Representatives, OH 2)
  • Mark Grauwelman (Senate 14)
  • Shane Marcum (Senate 14)
  • Katie Vockell (HD62)
  • Tracey McCullough (HD63)
  • Brad Combs (Commissioner)
  • Jennifer Mazzuckelli (Commissioner)
  • Diane Fisher (County Recorder)
  • Elizabeth Hammer Jones (write-in for Clerk of Courts)*

The only way to have true representation is to run candidates in EVERY RACE! They will appreciate all of the volunteers and donations they can get.

* It’s worth noting that in order for your write-in vote to be counted, you must darken the oval and write the candidate’s full name on your ballot.

Important dates

February 20 – The deadline for registering to vote and updating your VOTER registration is February 20, 2024. Click here to check your registration.

February 21 – Early in-person voting and absentee voting by mail begins February 21. Click here for all of your election details.

March 19 – Primary Election

If you can work the polls on March 19, please reach out to Leann Helton: lhelton@vote.clermontcountyohio.gov. On election day, a representative of each party works each job so that we have fair and safe elections.  We generally need Democrats to step up, so ask a friend to do this too.

November 5 – General Election

 Want to get involved? The Ohio Democratic Party is offering signature gathering training workshops starting February 12 for all volunteers who want to circulate a petition for the redistricting ballot measure. Click here to sign up for a virtual training session.

Clermont County Democratic Party Central Committee

The next Central Committee meeting is scheduled for Feb. 20, with the location to be determined. The meeting will start at 7 p.m. Arrive around 6:30 for social time. This meeting is open so you are welcome to invite other Democrats who would like to get involved. Please contact Patty Lawrence at pattylawrence16@gmail.com for the address and more information.

Clermont County Democratic Party Executive Committee

The next meeting will be held Thursday, Feb. 22 at 7 pm in-person at the Clermont County Democratic Headquarters, 174 E. Main Street in Batavia.



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