Nearly everyone in Ohio has a fentanyl story – it may be in your own family, it may be a neighbor, it may be a coworker. We’ve all lost someone, or know someone who’s lost someone. It’s a crisis that cuts across all geographic lines, and certainly across all partisan divides.

I hear from Ohioans all across the state that we must take real action to secure the border and stop the flow of fentanyl. The bipartisan national security deal voted on this week was the kind of action that Ohioans have been demanding for years.

But Washington politicians killed it.

  • It would’ve made the border far more secure than it is now.
  • It would’ve given law enforcement the resources and technology they need to keep our country safe.
  • And it would’ve taken significant steps to target fentanyl trafficking, including my bipartisan proposal to go after the suppliers in China and Mexico.

One of the biggest frustrations Ohioans have with the border and the fentanyl crisis is the feeling that Washington has allowed politics to get in the way of solutions.

The politicians who killed this bipartisan deal have no plan to secure the border. They have no solutions to stop deadly fentanyl pouring into Ohio — only political talking points. Of course this deal wasn’t perfect — no plan ever is. But the status quo at the southern border is unacceptable.

I know the devastation that the fentanyl crisis has caused across Ohio and this country. I won’t stop working to secure the border and stop fentanyl from coming into this country.

— Sherrod


  • Sherrod sharply criticized the International Trade Commission’s ruling that will hurt Ohio steelworkers and tin mill manufacturers. This ruling is just the latest evidence that our trade enforcement tools are not strong enough. Sherrod will continue to fight back against unfair trade practices and modernize our trade enforcement tools by pushing for his bipartisan Leveling the Playing Field 2.0 legislation.
  • Sherrod introduced the Great Lakes Restoration Act of 2024 to continue the work of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which keeps Lake Erie healthy for businesses and families by cleaning up and preventing pollution, and protecting coastline.
  • No Ohio veteran should be kicked out of their home. Sherrod’s Veterans Housing Stability Act would prevent veterans and servicemembers at risk of foreclosure from losing their homes by allowing them to get back on track with mortgage payments.