In Ohio, we know too well how bad trade policy has hurt steel towns — including the businesses, workers, and communities they’ve built.


We’re working to bring steel production back to where it belongs — to Ohio. That’s why we fought for and won a historic victory with our Buy America protections in the Infrastructure Law, requiring every federal project to use American-made steel.


We can’t undermine this progress now by letting foreign countries cheat and engage in unfair trade practices.


Right now, Mexico is flooding the U.S. with steel imports and hurting Ohio steelworkers — a violation of a 2019 agreement between our two countries.


This has consequences. Ohio steelworkers are losing their good-paying union jobs. If Mexico won’t abide by its own agreement, we must hold them accountable.


That’s why I introduced the Stop Mexico’s Steel Surge Act to crack down on the unsustainable number of imports — giving Ohio workers the opportunity to make the steel that our infrastructure and economy need, without the burden of unfair competition.


Ohio workers can compete with anyone. They just need a fair playing field — and that’s what our bill is all about.

— Sherrod



On Monday, Sherrod visited East Palestine again to discuss recovery efforts with local and federal officials.


He has not stopped fighting for the residents of East Palestine and will continue fighting until the community is whole again.



  • Fentanyl is devastating Ohio families and communities. Xylazine, a common cutting agent that drug traffickers use to make fentanyl cheaper, is only making the crisis worse. Sherrod introduced the Combatting Illicit Xylazine Act to restrict access to xylazine and provide law enforcement with the tools they need to fight it.


  • Sherrod called on President Biden to stop the sale of U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel, warning that the sale could jeopardize U.S. trade enforcement. Sherrod also laid out Nippon’s clear record of not valuing American Steelworkers.


Sherrod announced investments to:


  • Upgrade electricity infrastructure in Northwest Ohio, ensuring that residents have access to affordable and reliable energy.
  • Expand rapid bus transit in Columbus, which will speed up commutes and connect communities.
  • Improve Front Street in Toledo, helping make the street safer and more accessible.