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As Ohio Goes…

We’ve been screaming from the rooftops that Ohio is not a red state, but a gerrymandered and voter suppressed state. Decades of Republican leadership has left Ohioans fed up with their tricky ways. And we saw those angry Ohioans fight back last week when we shocked the nation and voted down Issue One by fourteen points.

The national narrative around Ohio is changing. People across the country are taking notice of Ohio again, and the old saying “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation” might ring true again.

In November, we have a chance to codify reproductive rights in the state constitution. And in 2024, we will re-elect the premier fighter for the working class, Sherrod Brown, to the U.S. Senate. We’re just getting started, but we need you on our team.

Join the Fight

Ms. Worldwide?!

Speaking of gaining the attention of the nation, check out our Chairwoman on MSNBC below:

Two-Mega Millionaires and a Loser Walk Into a Bar…

Flip-Floppin’ Frank LaRose takes on a whole new meaning now that his prized Issue One has flopped. Even his own party is criticizing him, with Bernie Moreno’s campaign saying Issue One was a “preview of what would happen with Frank LaRose at the top of the ticket in 2024,” per NBC News.
While LaRose is spinning out, Republicans Bernie Moreno and Matt Dolan’s financial disclosures were released, confirming what we all thought to be true: they are, in fact, out-of-touch multi-millionaires.
Millionaire Moreno is worth over a hundred million dollars and has properties in New York, Costa Rica, and Florida. Millionaire Matt is worth over forty million dollars and owns, *checks notes*, multiple dressage horses.
Do you think Millionaire Matt’s dressage horses are friends with the Romney’s championship dressage horse, Rafalca?

Jokes aside, we don’t want these moneyed interests representing Ohioans in the Senate.

For Ohioans Only

Ohio Democrats are making substantial efforts to reorganize our Coalition. One of our top priorities is to rebuild and strengthen our Caucuses and Constituencies as we implement a new, comprehensive program for our Democratic Organizations.

The Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus and the Hispanic & Latino Caucus will be meeting virtually in the coming weeks to discuss program modification and elect new leadership. If you live in Ohio and are interested in joining either caucus, please consider joining these meetings!

Wednesday, August 30th 6PM
Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus Zoom Meeting
Register Here
Thursday, August 31st 6PM
Hispanic & Latino Caucus Meeting
Register Here
Please reach out to Julien Johnson at jjohnson@ohiodems.org with any questions.


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Until Next Time

Ohio Democrats are working hard gearing up to re-elect Senator Sherrod Brown in 2024. Please consider contributing as much as you can to help Ohio Democrats turn out as many of our voters as we can to protect abortion rights in November.

If you’re unsure about how much more you can contribute, simply reply to this email. We’d be happy to help.

As always, thank you for standing with us. I am immensely grateful for your partnership.


Emily Feltz
Finance Director, Ohio Democrats