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Calculating Your Vote Goal
Monday, March 18 at 1pm ET

Learn the essential strategies for setting an achievable vote goal for your campaign.

Whether you’re running for local office yourself or volunteering with your local party, understanding these important numbers is the key to success. Gain the knowledge and tools needed to strategically calculate your vote goal and maximize your impact.


NDTC Expert Q&A: Women Working to Win
Thursday, March 21 at 1 pm ET

NDTC is bringing together three accomplished women from different corners of progressive politics to illuminate their experiences on the trail and beyond.

Be part of the conversation as our panelists delve into the pivotal intersections of gender, policy, and power, challenging and reshaping traditional political narratives. Secure your spot now to gain invaluable insights and inspiration from these trailblazing leaders! You will also have the opportunity to ask your own questions!


Building Equity-Centered Volunteer Teams
Friday, March 22 at 1pm ET

When working with volunteers who are already sacrificing their time and energy to further campaign efforts, it’s essential that managers and leaders prioritize equity and inclusion.

Discover strategies to create both inclusive and effective volunteer teams that reflect the diversity of your community. Our trainer will explore practical approaches to recruit, train, and retain volunteers while prioritizing these essential considerations.


Developing Your Campaign’s Core Message
Monday, March 25 at 1pm ET

Crafting a compelling core message is fundamental to capturing voters’ attention and building support for your campaign. Join us as we delve into the art of developing a persuasive and authentic core message that resonates with your target audience. Learn to articulate your values, priorities, and vision effectively, setting the stage for a winning narrative to use across platforms and audiences.