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Congratulations to the most recent wave of winners from the Massachusetts Primary Elections who have trained with NDTC!

We are so proud of the change they continue to inspire in their communities! In 2023 so far, we have 165 primary winners and 41 general election winners who have used NDTC resources or taken trainings.

Keep the learning going and sign up for your next event to take you ever closer to Election Day.

How to Put Your GOTV Plan Into Action
TODAY, September 22 at 1pm ET

As we head into the GOTV phase ahead of Election Day, ensuring your plans come to fruition should be top of mind.

This training will rehash the basics: from creating timelines to goal-setting. Then, get the best insights on maximizing your volunteers, being flexible to the ever-changing campaign landscape, and running an effective GOTV drive.


NDTC Expert Q&A: Hispanic Democrats Working Towards Change
Tuesday, September 26 at 1pm ET

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the diverse and trail-blazing accomplishments of Latino and Hispanic Americans everywhere! We’re bringing together an amazing panel of elected officials to discuss their own experiences running for office, challenges they have faced, and how they overcame them.

Join panelists Georgia State Senator Jason Esteves and Phoenix-area School Board Member Tamillia Valenzuela to learn more about their candidacies, roles, and more.


NDTC Build Blue Week
Monday, October 2 through Thursday, October 5

You might have noticed that there are only a handful of September events left.

That’s because at NDTC we’re all hands on deck for making this year’s Build Blue Week our best one yet!

Build Blue Week consists of four in-depth panel sessions during four consecutive days. These panels, ranging from messaging to local fundraising strategies, will bring together Democratic leaders, experts, and elected officials.

Centered around the theme of Down Ballot Up Ticket, we’re taking a deep dive into the tactics and experiences that build grassroots progressive support that will reverberate all the way to the top of the ticket.

Monday, October 2: Down Ballot Up Ticket: How Democrats Win in 2024

Tuesday, October 3: Cultivating Local Donors for Longterm Change

Wednesday, October 4: Coalition Building for Community Change

Thursday, October 5: Messages That Connect: Local Issues and National Narratives