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Happy “Barbenheimer” weekend to all who celebrate, but for when you get back…


…check out some of our upcoming trainings, covering a range of topics to help you make your volunteer team as fantastic as life in plastic!

What is a Democratic Precinct Chair
Monday, July 24 at 1pm ET

It’s back – one of our most requested trainings! A precinct chair is the linchpin of your campaign’s field strategy. And your local Democratic Party will play a huge role in how you strategize around various precincts in your community.

This 1.5 hour training will go over key ways to engage your local party, organizing in non-electoral cycles, and provide a general, comprehensive overview of ways to work with your local party to find the most success. Whether you’re just interested in local politics or running yourself, we recommend every Democrat go through this training!



Running in a Red District
Tuesday, August 1 at 1pm ET

Did you know that a majority of people who use NDTC tools work or run in conservative, red districts?

And that’s awesome – it means Democrats like you are stepping up to provide a voice to voters in your community and alternatives to right-wing politics.

This training is the best overview of considerations for running a campaign in a red district, from ways to prioritize swing voters to strategies for canvassing. Learn more about relational organizing, precinct prioritization, and more.


[Special Partner Event] So You Want to Run for Office: AAPI Edition with Public Wise
Tuesday, August 8 at 1pm ET

In partnership with Public Wise, this training will celebrate and encourage Asian American representation in Democratic politics!

With a focus on the unique challenges and opportunities for AAPI candidates, our expert trainer will cover the ins and outs of making the decision to run and for what office. Whether you’re already gearing up to run or have maybe only considered it, this training is for you!


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