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Happy Pride Month and solidarity to our friends in the LGBTQIA+ community!

This Pride Month, we can’t help but think about the origins of Pride. The Stonewall Riots, the lightning rod moment that initiated Pride as we know it, began with the first brick thrown by Marsha P. Johnson, a proud Black transgender woman. The actions of those at Stonewall were intentionally hyper-visible, combatting the discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people that often made them invisible.

Our mission at NDTC has always involved getting people out into their communities, whether it’s organizing neighbors around a common cause or running for office and meeting voters. Turning to Pride Month, this means finding ways to ensure our elected offices represent the diverse communities of LGBTQIA+ folks across the country.

This month, we’ll spotlight partners like LGBTQ+ Victory Fund in the Democratic political space who elevate LGBTQIA+ voices. Check back every Friday to learn more about the leaders making LGBTQIA+ representation and empowerment happen.

NDTC Expert Q&A: NDTC Expert Q&A: Pride in Focus (Transgender & Nonbinary Campaign Experiences)
Thursday, June 15 at 1pm ET

Alongside our partners at LGBTQ+ Victory Fund, NDTC invites you to a panel discussion on the unique challenges and considerations of transgender and nonbinary Democratic candidates.

We’re thrilled to have Colorado State Rep. Brianna Titone, the state’s first openly trangender woman in office, as one of our panelists. She and fellow panelists will share their own experiences, tips they’ve learned along the way, and more. Don’t forget to bring your questions, as you’ll have the opportunity to ask your own.


How to Build a Political Campaign Field Plan

Thursday, June 8 at 1pm ET

Once you learn to calculate your vote goal, it’s time to flesh out a campaign field plan. Intended for any leader or volunteer in a campaign, local party, or an advocacy organization, this training will review the key components in a field plan.

Plus, get tips and expertise on operationalizing your plan once it’s laid out. This training is super important heading into the rest of the month’s topics, so don’t miss out.