The State Budget Bill (HB110) Greatly Expanded the Funding of and Eligibility for EdChoice Vouchers—More Expansion is Already in the Works
The 134thGeneral Assembly seems to have an insatiable appetite for vouchers. The State Budget Bill carved-out new territory and higher funding for EdChoice vouchers. It set the stage for future enlargement. Before the ink is completely dry on the State budget pages, the Ohio Senate is revving-up its voucher engine.
An amendment was recently added to HB265–an unrelated bill–that is sure to land on the Governor’s desk. That amendment would increase the number of private schools eligible to accept voucher students in the Cleveland area. The amendment was withdrawn, but the Senate President said it likely will be dealt with later, which means it will move.
The voucher train accelerates down the legislature track regardless of public opposition. Litigation is the only way to stop this runaway train.
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