State legislators who take a strong stand for public schools are being threatened at the ballot box by militant voucher tycoons.

Nashville News Channel 5 investigates how Tennessee lawmakers are facing pressure to send tax dollars to the state’s private schools.

The rural Republican Texas House members who opposed vouchers were challenged by pro-voucher candidates in the primary election. The Texas Governor funded the pro-voucher candidates with funds, at least in part, from a rich pro-voucher mogul from Pennsylvania.

Do Ohio lawmakers feel the same kind of threat? One might wish to learn if Ohio lawmakers are subjected to the same threat. Just ask some Ohio Republicans who faced primary opposition in March. At least one lawmaker was targeted and lost in the primary election because of his strong vocal support for public schools during a House committee hearing.

The school voucher campaign is being fueled in large part by rich moguls whose agenda is the elimination of the public common school system. Most voucher users are likely unaware of the motives of these moguls.

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