Public dollars (vouchers) + unregulated providers (private schools) will attract bogus “schooling” start-ups.

No doubt there are a myriad of individuals and groups plotting to capitalize on the universal voucher scheme. Some may be attracted to the scheme to make a quick buck; others may be drawn by a craving to advance their own religious, political, or secular tenets/ideologies; still others, a mere desire to expand enrollment in their existing private schools.

Tax money made available for unregulated enterprises is attractive to opportunists and self-serving ideologues. Currently, a large segment of Ohio’s citizens seems inattentive to the tax handouts being distributed to a specific group of individuals; hence, voucher zealous legislators and the Governor and his Department of Education and Workforce Development minions will continue to ramp-up the expansion of the voucher scheme. Citizens must become alert to the EdChoice voucher scheme and push back.

Vouchers are an existential threat to the public common school system.

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