Starving the State Board of Education

First, the leadership of the 135th General Assembly via the state budget bill (HB33) wiped out the 1953 constitutional amendment that established the State Board of Education by inserting the transfer of the board’s primary duties to the governor’s office. By egregious legislation, they illegally wiped out a constitutional provision. They did so by, in the words of the Senate President, “We kind of do what we want.” At the time the proposal was tucked into the budget bill, it was not certain that it could be passed as a stand-alone bill.

Proponents, regarding the original bill, when confronted with the issue of constitutionality, in disingenuous, conciliatory tones indicated that the State Board of Education would still exist. It still exists—with most of its primary functions slammed into the Governor’s clutches. Now, the State Board is on life support with insufficient funding to perform the few tasks that it still owns. Public statements made by the Senate President suggest that the State Board’s staff should be reduced. In other words, “starve the beast.” The State Board of Education staff is currently truncated.

The chicanery of those in control of the Ohio Senate is beyond belief.

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