A Letter to the Editor of the Columbus Dispatch on March 7 may be a perspective of a multitude of folks that are exasperated by Ohio politics.

The LTE reflects what a host of Ohioan’s are saying about how the politicians in control are self-serving, while oblivious to the concerns of mainstream Ohioans.

Control and power

Keep the people poor and undereducated. Under-fund public schools but make vouchers available for majority white and religious schools.

Further short-change public schools by requiring them to provide transportation for charter and private schools cutting into the already insubstantial funding. Force seniors and families to subsidize schools through ghastly property taxes. Flood communities with opioids and guns; deny health and childcare; cut food and medical assistance for the poor.

Many of our leaders are liars and promote misinformation. They indulge in hatred, fomenting lack of trust to shock and undermine civility and kindness for their own egotistical enjoyment.

The overseers are alive and well.

They still own the country as the globe is polluted, ransacked and depleted to ensure their wealth and power is guaranteed. They don’t want us to know they are quietly controlling water, air and resources for their own benefit. This country was built through forced labor – stolen humans and immigrants.

The values we treasure, our love for humanity and peace mean nothing to them. They have no incentive to broaden knowledge – they fear knowledge. Keep their knees on our throats – it’s all about control and power. As much as life changes, it stays the same.

Judith Truman McDonald, Columbus

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