Privatizers are determined to turn public services into private profit operations.

Privatizers, like the mafia, show up where there is a pool of money. The public purse is an attractive pool of funds for them.

Tax revenue is raised to provide for public services, the public good. Profit is the motivation for privatizers, not necessarily passion for or even interest in the service or goods to be provided. Privatizers seeking to divert tax funds from the public providers to the private profiteers use the same tiresome talking points, trying to convince taxpayers that private, for-profit organizations can provide better services or products at a lower cost than the government can. There is no conclusive evidence that private prisons, military operations, charter schools, vouchers, or any other private operation can provide more and better services or goods at a lower cost than public service providers.

The private providers are in business to turn a profit, even if it means discriminating against lower income folks, or underserving or not serving in areas that might lower the profit margin. At every turn, the decisions made by private, for-profit providers hinge on the bottom line—profit for the operator.

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