Universal vouchers is merely the beginning of a full assault on the Ohio public common school system.


The voucher schemers won the battle to make every student eligible for a voucher. Many tax paying citizens may think that is the endgame of the school privatization crowd. Not so. In some respects it is not yet the halftime of their game.


Ohio started the voucher game in Cleveland with a few students funded at a couple thousand dollars per voucher taken from the Cleveland School District budget. (Inflation would have driven the dollar amount to about ½ of the $8,407) In fiscal year 2024, the high school voucher amount is $8,407.


The voucher lobby will be out in force during the next state budget deliberation to increase the voucher amount and to provide a full voucher, regardless of income.


And then there are other tax-consuming privatization schemes in Ohio laws. The 134th General Assembly, via the State Budget Bill–HB110–introduced Tuition Tax Credits and Education Savings Accounts. These tax eaters will grow. They will be “pancaked” to add support on top of the voucher amount.


Ohioans should be alert to the privatization schemes that are growing. Florida taxpayers are paying homeschool parents for tickets to Disney World, big screen TV’s, Play Stations, swing sets, skateboards, dolls, etc.






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