Jan Resseger’s June 6 Blog: What will it mean if the Ohio legislature sacrifices the Fair School Funding Plan for a massive expansion of private school vouchers?
Jan Resseger suggests a startling response to the question posed in her June 6 blog title. Near the end of the blog she quotes from Benjamin Barber’s 2007 book, Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults and Swallow Citizens Whole: “Privatization is a kind of reverse social contract: it dissolves the bonds that tie us together into free communities and democratic republics.” The reversal of the social contract fractures communities and exacerbates the fractures that currently exist.
The voucher zealots seem to have no appreciation for the contribution the public common school makes to the common good. Those facilities, whether institutional, cultural, or material, that citizens provide for each other are at stake. The common school brings people together. Privatization of education (vouchers and charter schools at public expense separate people.
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