Americans for Prosperity flooding mailboxes with voucher promotion propaganda.
Americans for Prosperity, a fiery voucher crusader is mailing multiple slick flyers full of nonsense designed to undermine public confidence in the public common school system. The stated purpose of the mailings is to persuade folks to ask state officials to support the universal voucher campaign.
The theme of one flyer is, “Don’t let Ohio Fall Behind.” Other states are cited as leaders in the voucher industry. The flyer uses such misleading tripe as:
Empower parents: Actually, vouchers empower private schools, not parents. Private schools choose students via enrollment criteria.
Letting educators innovate: There is no evidence whatsoever that private schools have one bit of innovation edge over public schools. This is mere blarney.
Unleashing full potential of their children: Private schools have no ascendancy over public schools in “unleashing full potential.”—this is just reckless poppycock.
Boundless opportunity for our children: Which typical private schools excel in career/technical education; in the education of children with disabilities; or in academics compared to the typical public common school; in learning to live in a diverse social order?
A renewed spirit of innovation: Public schools in Oho have been pioneers in innovation since the 1850-1851 Constitutional Convention.
Stand with Ohio parents: That has been the hallmark of the public system.
Another AFP flyer received in the mail the same day is “Empower Ohio Parents.” This one is designed to influence the passage of HB11 and SB11, both of which are universal voucher bills. The AFP folks have no regard for the common good, or the Ohio Constitution. They want taxpayers to turn over their tax money to selected individuals for private use.
Unfortunately, many public school personnel and advocates are not pushing back on the AFP propaganda.
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