Part 2: Reasons/Arguments in favor of transfer of State Board of Education functions to the Governor’s office do not compute.
Some proponents of SB1 (transfer of the functions of the State Board of Education to the Governor’s office) opine that the State Board of Education is dysfunctional, and thus should be stripped of its assigned duties and responsibilities.
The State Board of Education is a governing entity embedded in the Ohio Constitution. It became a part of the Constitution by an amendment passed by citizens of Ohio in 1953. The amendment transferred the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the state education agency staff from the Governor’s office to the newly established State Board of Education. The intent of the amendment was to transfer the entire state education agency from the Governor’s office to the State Board of Education. The legislature followed the will of the people (Article 1, section2 of the Ohio Constitution) in the enabling legislation. The current General Assembly should exhibit the same level of integrity.
The perception that a public body is dysfunctional does not give license to remove its duties and responsibilities. In June 2022 a nationwide poll indicated that the approval rate of Congress was 20%. Is that a reason to eliminate Congress?
It may seem that the work of the current Ohio House of Representatives is being bogged down with issues regarding who is in control.  Is that a reason to transfer House function to the Senate?
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