Part 4: Reasons/Arguments in favor of transfer of State Board of Education functions to the Governor’s office do not compute.
Some folks recently testified before the Senate Education Committee that SB1 is necessary to allow the state to give greater emphasis on career/technical education. Merely moving the duties and responsibilities of the State Board of education to the Governor’s office to add emphasis to career/ technical education is fool’s gold.
Some modern day “education experts” may not be aware that, in the 1970’s and 1980’s, the State Board of Education created the most robust career/technical education program in the nation. Upon completion of the statewide network of joint vocational school districts, vocational education compacts, and stand-alone career/technical programs in high enrollment districts, every 11th and 12th grade student in Ohio had the opportunity to choose from a program that offered a minimum of 20 different classes from a minimum of 12 different career/technical courses.
In 1975, the State Board of Education published Ohio’s Career Continuum Program Director’s Handbook  which identifies the career development programs in terms of the following components:
1.      Career Motivation Programming K-6
2.      Career Orientation Programming 7-8
3.      Career Exploration Programming 9-10
4.      Career Preparation Programming 11-12
The State Board of Education made Ohio a national leader in career/technical education 3 to 4 decades ago. Career/technical education needs state financial resources, not a different state agency governance structure.
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