January 16 Cleveland.com Article Regarding the Ohio Senate’s Penchant to Return the State Education Agency to the Governor’s Office as was the Case Prior to the 1953 Constitutional Amendment to Remove it from the Governor’s Office
The January 16 Cleveland.com article by Laura Hancock identifies some of the bogus arguments given by state officials for raiding the State Board, such as:
  • The current State Superintendent is an interim
  • The State Board hasn’t engaged a new State Superintendent on a timely basis
  • East Cleveland (which is under state control) has low test scores
  • Some Democrats were elected to the State Board with help from teachers’ unions
  • Slow pace of turning education proposals into policy
All political power is inherent in the people (Article I, Section 2 of the Ohio Constitution). Not in the Ohio Senate.
In 1953 the people of Ohio voted to separate the state education agency from the Governor’s office—bring it under a State Board of Education. The Senate is poised to pass SB1, which thwarts the will of the people by stealing the State Board’s “stuff” and locking it away in the Governor’s office—a violation of Article I, Section 2 and Article VI, Section 4 of the Ohio Constitution. This is a power grab consistent with the current persona of the Ohio Senate.
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