Opportunity to Join Diane Ravitch and Josh Cowen to Learn the Facts About Vouchers
Attached is a Diane Ravitch January 4 blog with information about a January 11 video conference.
Josh Cowen is a researcher at Michigan State University who has studied vouchers for many years.
Recently he began writing about the failure of vouchers. They don’t “save children,” in fact, children fall behind when they use vouchers.
Join us on January 11 for a video conference with NPE President Diane Ravitch. Diane’s guest will be Josh Cowen, Professor of Education Policy at Michigan State University. Diane and Josh’s conversation will be titled School Privatization and the Education Culture Wars: The Year in Review and the Year Ahead.
Dr. Cowen has been studying school choice, teacher labor markets, and other policies for nearly two decades, and works directly with policymakers, stakeholders and media professionals to understand the consequences of various education reforms.
“Josh has drawn connections to the school culture wars, privatization, voting rights denial, and other hot-button issues,” Diane said.
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