Private Religious School Flyer: Want to Choose What Your State Taxes Support? Now You Can.
The State Budget Bill (HB110) enacted a policy that a Cleveland religious private school is using to enhance its coffers. The attached flyer provides the details of how this policy can support specific religious views and doctrines, while reducing state revenue.
Today, some religious folks want their religious views and doctrines to be supported by taxes collected by the state.
HB110 provides that a person can receive a tax credit of $750 by sending $750 to a private school. This is in addition to the EdChoice voucher scheme.
Wow, now one can donate $750 per year without using $750.
This clever voucher-type policy is inane. Tax money already paid or obligated is appropriated by the General Assembly before it can be spent. The tax credit policy puts the appropriation responsibility in the hands of a private individual.
The flyer speaks for itself.
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