Fordham Institute, in a July 19 Article, Identifies Six Reasons to Support Universal School Choice in Ohio
A wealthy proponent of privatization of public education organization, Fordham Institute, is a relentless campaigner to give away the democratically-operated public common school system to private operators. Fordham, along with other well-heeled privatizers, has worked for decades to emasculate the public common school system. The Fordham folks are relentless in support of privatization.
A July 19 Fordham article lists six reasons why the organization supports universal school choice (privatization). No doubt, this group is a rabid supporter of HB290 pending in the Ohio General Assembly.
The six bogus reasons Fordham lists are:
  • Empowers parents (to make uninformed decisions?)
  • Encourages healthy competition (the common school system out-performs alternatives)
  • Fairer to taxpaying parents (taxes are for public services)
  • Reduces administrative paperwork (mythopoeia)
  • Avoids any stigma associated with a targeted program (what’s that mean?)
  • Makes Ohio an even better state to raise a family (really?)
This set of reasons is merely tired, worn-out rhetoric that has been thoroughly debunked. It is the poppycock the privatizers puppet but can’t back with evidence.
There are those in the public education community that are dismissing HB290 (the universal voucher bill) believing it too extreme to move in the legislative process. Fordham, along with a bevy of well-heeled public common school demolition crews, will be demanding that the legislature enact a “fund the child, not the system” proposal.
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