Libertarian Jeremy Kaufman: “Vouchers Are Just A Stepping Stone Toward Reducing Or Eliminating [Government] Involvement In Schools.”
In a Libertarian Institute podcast, Jeremy Kaufman clarified the endgame of Libertarians: end government support for education (Kaufman, 2021, 29:13). About 20 years ago, Economist Milton Friedman, in an address to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), advocated the elimination of public education and requiring parents to pay for the education of their own children. In the 1950’s, Friedman was promoting the idea that the government’s only role should be to issue vouchers for use at private schools.
Many other ideological groups support the elimination of public education and government funding of any form of educational programing.
Most of the folks that use and or support vouchers are being “used”; those who are ultimately pulling the strings support vouchers only as a step toward getting government entirely out of education.
48 Minutes
Some Strong Language
Jeremy Kauffman is the founder of LBRY and sits on the board of New Hampshire’s Free State Project
Jeremy came on the show to answer some objections Pete had made about the likelihood of the Free State Project succeeding in the long run.
Episode 653: Why ‘The Free State Project’ Will Succeed w/ Jeremy Kauffman |by Peter R. Quiñones | Nov 6, 2021
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