School District Leaders and Personnel and All Other Public School Advocates Must Support the EdChoice Voucher Litigation and the Full-Implementation of the Cupp/Patterson Fair School Funding Plan
It would be ruinous to school district students if the Cupp/Patterson Fair School Funding Plan is scrapped or only partially funded. Also it would be a travesty if the plan would be fully implemented, but then the funding tank is drained by an expanded or universal voucher system. Either way, school district students are harmed.
The voucher drain spigot must be turned off for Cupp/Patterson to be effective, even if it is fully implemented.
School district leaders and all other public school advocates must ramp-up passionate advocacy for the Cupp/Patterson plan and pro-active opposition to the EdChoice voucher scheme. Public education is hanging in the balance. Powerful forces of various libertarian and like-minded groups are converging to eliminate public education. First, these forces will “use” people to push for universal vouchers, and then pressure public officials at all levels of government to reduce funding, with the ultimate goal of forcing parents to pay for the education of their own children.
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