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Sherrod Brown

The Washington Post Could Biden visit a UAW picket line?

(Monday, September 18, 11:57 AM |  By: Olivier Knox)

  • Some other prominent Democrats have joined UAW picket lines, including Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, as well as Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, the party’s leader in the House.

Fox News Sinema joins GOP senators on bill to reverse Biden admin’s crackdown on school hunting, archery classes

(Monday, September 18, 6:12 PM |  By: Thomas Catenacci)

  • In addition, Democratic Sens. Jon Tester of Montana, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Sherrod Brown of Ohio have joined dozens of Republicans in expressing concern about the Biden administration’s actions.
  • Syndicated By: Yahoo Scandal: More and more of Ohio’s ‘pro fracking’ letters are from people who say they did not send them: Today in Ohio

(Monday, September 18, 10:04 AM |  By: Laura Johnston)

  • The debate over installing seat belts in school buses is hot and heavy of late. After an Ohio student died in a bus crash, Mike DeWine appointed a committee to study the issue and Aherrod Brown proposed a national mandate. Reporter Hannah Drown took a look at the pros and cons – including some learnings from Northeast Ohio experiments — and came up with some interesting hurdles.
  • After an Ohio student died in a bus crash, Mike DeWine appointed a committee to study the issue and Sherrod Brown proposed a national mandate. Reporter Hannah Drown took a look at the pros and cons, including learnings from some Northeast Ohio experiments, and came up with all sorts of hurdles to this that are legitimate.

The Kansas City Star Progressives see new momentum from auto strike

(Tuesday, September 19, 6:00 AM |  By: Hanna Trudo)

  • Fetterman, who drives what his office noted is a “UAW-made” Ford Bronco, picketed alongside strikers over the weekend at the same plant that made his own vehicle, showing that his loyalty is with workers. Two longer-serving Senate heavyweights, Sanders and populist Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown (D), offered similar sentiments. In the House, first-term progressive Rep. Summer Lee (D-Pa.), who’s from the Pittsburgh area, highlighted the movement’s people to help shift the outcome.
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RealClearPolitics The Democrats Must Keep the Senate at All Costs

(Monday, September 18, 2:39 PM |  By: Katrina vanden Heuvel)

  • Sherrod Brown is a true-blue, pro-union progressive beloved by many Ohioans. But Republicans are preparing for a dogfight.

Bloomberg Law Senator Brown Seeks Firmer Crypto Disclosure Rules: Crypto in DC

(Monday, September 18, 9:38 AM |  By: Se Young Lee)

  • Senate Banking Committee Chair Sherrod Brown urged
  • ‘We cannot settle for a status quo in which Americans lack the basic, comprehensive transparency they would receive in any other market in which they choose to invest,’ Brown said in a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen , SEC Chair Gary Gensler and CFTC Chair Rostin Behnam .

JD Supra, LLC Daily Financial Regulation Update — Saturday, September 16, 2023

(Monday, September 18, 11:07 AM)

  • Congress U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Senator Brown Sends Letter to Regulators Regarding Crypto Market Transparency September 14, 2023 U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Chair of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler, and Commodity Futures Trade Commission Chair Rostin Behnam urging them to strengthen transparency in cryptocurrency markets. Federal Agencies U.S.

Kiro7 Social security overpayments have some in Washington scrambling to pay back thousands

(Tuesday, September 19, 8:55 PM |  By: Jesse Jones)

  • Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown said it’s time to update these limits, ‘This law hasn’t been changed for 40 years.’
  • Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is introducing this bipartisan bill with co-sponsor Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina.

WebWire Joby Selects Dayton, Ohio, Birthplace of Aviation, For First Scaled Manufacturing Facility

(Tuesday, September 19, 10:00 PM)

  • ‘The U.S. continues to lead the way on introducing this technology, with unprecedented levels of support across all areas and levels of government. We’re incredibly grateful to Governor Mike DeWine, Lt. Governor Jon Husted, Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator JD Vance, Representative Mike Turner, and the team at JobsOhio for their support, as well as the representatives of the many other states we worked with during this process. ‘Our partnership with Ohio is a great example of how successful public-private partnership amongst industry, local, state and federal government can bring important new technology to life.’ Joby plans to start hiring in the coming months, with early roles expected to focus on the build out of the scaled facility and the machining of parts that will initially be incorporated into Joby’s California low-volume production line.
  • Dayton has solidified itself as the center of aviation innovation, from the Wright Brothers to Wright-Patterson AFB, but for over 100 years, that innovation has not been successfully translated into the manufacturing of aircraft and the thousands of jobs that come with it. Today, that elusive aspiration becomes reality.’ Senator Sherrod Brown:
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WFMJ Senators react to Norfolk Southern property value reimbursement program

(Tuesday, September 19, 9:00 PM)

  • Senator Sherrod Brown was also critical of the program, releasing the statement below:

Naked Capitalism 2:00PM Water Cooler 9/18/2023

(Monday, September 18, 2:00 PM |  By: Lambert Strether)

  • There are only five senators representing states carried by the opposing party’s presidential candidate. Of those, the only ones up for re-election in 2024 are [ West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, Montana’s Jon Tester and Ohio’s Sherrod Brown]. There are currently only 23 lawmakers (18 Republicans, 5 Democrats) representing House districts carried by the presidential candidate from the opposite party.

The Durango Herald Sen. Michael Bennet pushes for re-expansion of child tax credit as poverty rates rise

(Monday, September 18, 7:00 PM |  By: Weslan Hansen)

  • With this number higher than the previous year, Bennet, along with Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Washington Rep. Suzan DelBene and New York Rep. Ritchie Torres, introduced new legislation earlier this year that would re-expand the child tax credit.

The Intelligencer Connecting Rural Ohio

(Tuesday, September 19, 5:15 AM)

  • J.D. Vance, R-Ohio and Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio; and U.S. Rep. Bob Latt, R-Dist.

Tucson Sentinel Lawmakers back striking auto workers, but mileage varies

(Monday, September 18, 3:45 PM |  By: Benjamin S. Weiss)

  • Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown traveled to a Jeep manufacturing plant in Toledo, Ohio, where he chanted ‘no justice, no Jeeps’ alongside striking plant employees.
  • ‘The ratio of CEO pay to average worker pay in this plant is 365 to 1, and they’re telling workers to keep making these concessions,’ Brown said.

Ravalli Republic Like his dad, retiring Mitt Romney embraced moderate conservatism. He fears the GOP has lost its way

(Tuesday, September 19, 5:30 AM |  By: Mead Gruver)

  • 3. Ohio Incumbent: Democrat Sherrod Brown The Republican primary to take on Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown got a little more crowded this month with the entrance of Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose. Unlike in the two other Trump states with Democratic incumbents that top this list, national Republicans are staying neutral in this primary for now.
  • Brown, meanwhile, raised $5 million in the second quarter. With a strong economic populist streak, the senator has a history of winning here, but the increasingly rightward shift of the state makes it highly competitive territory regardless of which Republican emerges.

Business Facilities Aircraft Maker Selects Ohio For First Scaled Manufacturing Facility

(Monday, September 18, 5:43 PM |  By: BF Staff)

  • ‘The U.S. continues to lead the way on introducing this technology, with unprecedented levels of support across all areas and levels of government,’ he continued. ‘We’re incredibly grateful to Governor Mike DeWine, Lt. Governor Jon Husted, Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator JD Vance, Representative Mike Turner, and the team at JobsOhio for their support, as well as the representatives of the many other states we worked with during this process.

The Review NS announces Value Assurance Program; Vance not impressed

(Tuesday, September 19, 3:15 AM)

  • Vance said initial skepticism has been proven true. In May, Shaw penned a letter to Vance and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) along with other senators in which he promised a fund to compensate homeowners in East Palestine, Ohio for property value diminution. The program was officially announced May 10.

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Joby selects Dayton, Ohio, for scaled manufacturing

(Tuesday, September 19, 3:15 AM)

  • ‘The U.S. continues to lead the way on introducing this technology, with unprecedented levels of support across all areas and levels of government. We’re incredibly grateful to Gov. Mike DeWine, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, Sen. Sherrod Brown, Sen. JD Vance, Rep. Mike Turner, and the team at JobsOhio for their support, as well as the representatives of the many other states we worked with during this process.

Autobody News Group: Ohio Significantly Impacted by UAW Strike

(Monday, September 18, 3:00 PM)

  • House Minority Leader Allison Russo , D-Upper Arlington, also voiced support for U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown ‘s, D-Ohio, Workers Healthcare Protection Act, along with striking UAW workers. ‘For generations, auto workers have represented some of America’s greatest qualities—hard work, sacrifice, patriotism,’ Russo said.
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Urbana Daily Citizen Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall comes to Urbana

(Monday, September 18, 11:09 AM |  By: Urbana Daily Citizen)

  • Dave Cox, VFW chaplain, will give the invocation. Declarations will be presented from the offices of Congressman Jim Jordan and U.S. senators Sherrod Brown and J.D. Vance.

Moberly Monitor Index Automakers’ record profits not shared with workers, Biden says as UAW strike launches

(Monday, September 18, 12:15 PM |  By: Jennifer Shutt)

  • Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown joined striking workers at the Stellantis Toledo Assembly Complex, according to a statement from his office.
  • ‘UAW workers made sacrifices to save the American auto industry,’ Brown said. ‘Now the Big 3 are making record profits — all workers are asking for is their fair share.

Power Sherrod Brown Wins The U.S. Senate Position For Ohio

(Tuesday, September 19, 5:15 AM |  By: Erica Campbell)

  • Power 107.5 Featured Video CLOSE Senator Sherrod Brown has officially won the U.S. Senate position in Ohio. Brown, who was running against the G.O.P candidate Josh Mandel, won the race 52% to 43%. The Senator will officially begin his second term!

Frank LaRose

The WEWS Ohio Secretary of State signs voter data sharing agreements with three states

(Monday, September 18, 7:32 AM |  By: Nick Evans)

  • Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has struck a deal to share voter data with three other Republican-led states. The agreement comes roughly six months after LaRose chose to exit a much larger, bipartisan interstate compact known as ERIC.
  • Ohio’s new agreements give the state access to interstate voter information on its own terms. When LaRose announced Ohio was backing out of the compact, he praised that ‘ a al carte ‘ model.
  • Syndicated By: Cleveland Scene

Wtap Ohio officials near redistricting deadline as group pushes to change redistricting laws

(Tuesday, September 19, 12:15 AM |  By: Chase Campbell)

  • According to Secretary of State Frank LaRose (R – Ohio), the commission of lawmakers and other state officials should approve final districting maps by Sept. 22 in order to make sure elections run smoothly in 2024. But last week’s meeting ended after only a few minutes because the legislative representatives on the commission have yet to appoint co-chairs to lead the committee.

Urbana Daily Citizen Sept. 18, 2023: This week’s editorials from Ohio newspapers

(Monday, September 18, 9:48 AM |  By: Urbana Daily Citizen)

  • It’s likely a baseless worry as there is no incentive for Gov. Mike DeWine, Auditor of State Keith Faber, and Secretary of State Frank LaRose to let the Ohio Redistricting Commission become the high visibility site of Republican dysfunction.

Marcy Kaptur


POLITICO Shutdown odds spike as Senate GOP defers to House

(Monday, September 18, 6:02 PM)

  • 10:30 a.m. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) and the Heartland Caucus will speak on Farm Bill priorities. (HVC Studio B)

Shore News Network Dems Pay Visit To Striking Auto Workers After Voting Against Bill To Block Biden’s EV Mandate

(Tuesday, September 19, 2:04 AM |  By: The Daily Caller)

  • Democratic Reps. Elissa Slotkin of Michigan, Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries all joined striking UAW workers on the picket lines in shows of solidarity after voting against the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act on Thursday, which would ‘amend the Clean Air Act to prevent the elimination of the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles.’ EVs are at the center of the labor dispute, and UAW leadership has expressed concerns that long-term increases in EV production will disadvantage UAW workers.
  • The UAW, the White House, and the offices of Jeffries, Kaptur and Slotkin all did not respond immediately to requests for comment.
  • Syndicated By: The Daily Caller News FoundationDaily Caller

Railway Age Transit Briefs: Brightline, MARTA, SMART-TD, APTA

(Monday, September 18, 11:57 AM)

  • Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D C.), Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit, Rep. John R. Curtis (R-Utah), Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), Rep. Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (R-N J.), Rep. Jake LaTurner (R-Kans.), Rep. Marcus J. Molinaro (R-N

The News-Messenger Here’s how area Congress members voted

(Tuesday, September 19, 5:25 AM)

  • The vote, on Sept. 12, was 403 yeas to 8 nays YEAS: Marcy Kaptur D-OH (9th)
  • The vote, on Sept. 12, was 413 yeas to 2 nays YEAS: Kaptur D-OH (9th)

Joyce Beatty

The American Bazaar Raja Krishnamoorthi receives 2023 Roosevelt Leadership Award

(Tuesday, September 19, 10:14 PM |  By: Ab Wire)

  • ‘Our country has always had its divisions, but we are all united by our shared values as Americans, and it remains as true today as it has been throughout our history, that the only way to achieve enduring progress is to work together.’ READ: Indian American lawmaker Raja Krishnamoorthi gets Distinguished Leadership Award (May 31, 2022) Along with the Indian American congressman, three of his congressional colleagues — U.S. Reps Joyce Beatty (D-OH), Adrian Smith (R-NE), and Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) — were also honored with the Roosevelt Award for their exceptional dedication to public service.

News India Times Illinois Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi receives the Roosevelt Leadership Award

(Monday, September 18, 4:51 PM)

  • Representatives. Joyce Beatty (D-OH), Adrian Smith (R-NE), and Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) after receiving the Roosevelt Leadership Award. PHOTO: provided by Congressman Krishnamoorthi’s office.
  • U.S. Representatives. Joyce Beatty, D-Ohio, Adrian Smith, R-Nebraska, and Kelly Armstrong, R-North Dakota, were also honored with the Roosevelt Award during the ceremony.

Shontel Brown More Ohioans say they didn’t sign pro-fracking form letters: Capitol Letter

(Monday, September 18, 8:00 AM)

  • Feed the tree: U.S. Rep. Shontel Brown announced Thursday that Euclid will get a $525,400 Urban and Community Forestry Grant Award funded through the Inflation Reduction Act that will allow the city to complete a citywide tree inventory, develop a comprehensive urban forestry master plan, and reinstate an office of urban forestry. She said Lyndhurst got a $100,000 grant to help address an onslaught of Oak Wilt disease in the city’s more than 600 Pin Oaks. “These grants to support urban forestry efforts are important because trees cool our streets, clean our air, beautify our neighborhoods, and boost our property values,” said a statement from the Warrensville Heights Democrat.

Ohio GOP / Ohio Republicans

The Associated Press Hundreds of flying taxis to be made in Ohio

(Monday, September 18, 10:30 AM)

  • ‘When you’re talking about air taxis, that’s the future,’ Republican Gov. Mike DeWine told the Associated Press. ‘We find this very, very exciting — not only for the direct jobs and indirect jobs it’s going to create, but like Intel , it’s a signal to people that Ohio is looking to the future.
  • The announcement comes as a bipartisan group of Ohio’s congressional representatives has recently stepped up efforts — following an earlier appeal by DeWine — to lure the U.S. Air Force’s new U.S.
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The Washington Post Indiana AG sues hospital over abortion for 10-year-old who was raped

(Monday, September 18, 2:01 PM |  By: Ben Brasch)

  • About a week later, on June 30, the girl had a medical abortion in Indianapolis. The girl identified Gerson Fuentes in a police interview, and investigators arrested him July 12 — the same day Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost (R) told Gannett’s Ohio bureau that ‘I know the cops and prosecutors in this state’ and ‘there is not a damn scintilla of evidence’ the investigation existed. Share this article Share Fuentes, 28, took a plea deal in July 2023 for a sentence of life in prison with the chance of seeking parole in 25 years for raping the girl.

The Washington Post Indiana AG Rokita sues IU Health over abortion for raped 10-year-old

(Monday, September 18, 5:01 PM)

  • About a week later, on June 30, the girl had a medical abortion in Indianapolis. The girl identified Gerson Fuentes in a police interview, and investigators arrested him July 12 – the same day Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost (R) told Gannett’s Ohio bureau that “I know the cops and prosecutors in this state” and “there is not a damn scintilla of evidence” the investigation existed.

New York Post Flying taxis could take to the skies above NYC as early as 2025 — here’s how

(Monday, September 18, 7:18 PM |  By: Alex Mitchell)

  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your Uber? The futuristic fantasy of taxis soaring above congested city streets flew closer to reality today as Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced a $500 million investment in a Dayton-area production facility for the lofty livery vehicles.
  • ‘Ohio is No. 3 in the nation on manufacturing jobs — and that depth of manufacturing prowess, that workforce, is critical to us as we look to build this manufacturing facility,’ Gov. DeWine said.

Ohio Electoral and Issue-based Coverage

POLITICO The big attorneys general elections in 2024 – POLITICO

(Monday, September 18, 10:00 AM)

  • Democrats have yet to put forth a notable candidate – veteran Tim Dunn and lawyer Charles Ingram announced bids – but political observers believe that Rep. Jeff Jackson could launch a bid, should a redistricting process that’s expected to favor the GOP carve up his district.
  • ABORTION ON THE BALLOT – “Backers and opponents spent more than $37 million – the bulk of which came from out-of-state groups – in the campaign surrounding State Issue 1, the failed proposal to make it harder to change the Ohio constitution,”’s Andrew J. Tobias writes. The new filings cover July 20 through Sept. 8.
  • Although the election for Issue 1 took place in August, some of the groups involved are still active ahead of November’s election on a ballot initiative that would enshrine abortion rights in the state’s constitution. Protect Women Ohio, which campaigned for Issue 1 and is against November’s initiative, had around $951,000 on hand. Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights was against Issue 1 and supports November’s initiative. That group had $217,000 in the bank.

TPM Media LLC Wisconsin GOP Threat To Impeach Protasiewicz Is Unsupported By Law And Undermines Judicial Independence

(Monday, September 18, 2:46 PM |  By: Robert Yablon)

  • Janet Protasiewicz, a Milwaukee circuit court judge and self-described progressive, won an 11-percentage point victory, shifting the court’s ideological balance of power at a moment when major legal clashes over abortion and redistricting are looming. Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled legislature is now demanding that Protasiewicz recuse from – that is, excuse herself from – considering two recently filed lawsuits that challenge the state’s legislative maps, which heavily favor the GOP, as unlawful partisan gerrymanders.
  • Yet none of those justices has ever recused on that basis, or even been formally asked to do so. In redistricting cases specifically , justices in North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and elsewhere have participated despite financial and other ties to one or the other major political party. At The Republicans most at risk in next year’s election are falling in line behind impeachment inquiry

(Monday, September 18, 1:45 PM |  By: Kevin Freking)

Wcbe Abortion abolitionists say major groups in the movement aren’t doing enough to totally ban abortion

(Monday, September 18, 10:25 AM |  By: The Statehouse News Bureau)

  • There is dissent among the state’s various anti-abortion groups, and one of them is accusing the others of blocking efforts to enact a total ban on abortion in Ohio before voters cast ballots on an amendment to guarantee reproductive rights in the state’s constitution. Dozens of men, women and children sang and prayed on the grounds of the Statehouse last Wednesday as part of a demonstration by the group End Abortion Ohio. It advocates for a complete and total ban of abortion with no exceptions.
  • a bill (HB 704) that would have established personhood in Ohio, but the legislation never received a hearing in committee. As Pierce and others spoke about their efforts to end abortion, Lizzie Marbach was sitting in the crowd, waiting to take her turn to speak at the podium. Marbach, the former communications director for Ohio Right to Life, was fired in August after a public spat on social media with U.S. Congressman Max Miller of Northeast Ohio, whose wife is on the board of Ohio Right to Life.
  • Marbach said that effort ended on Feb. 21 when abortion rights groups announced plans to put an amendment before voters in November. ‘It was at that moment that Ohio Right to Life’s President Mike Gonidakis and the entire pro-life lobby in Ohio made the unanimous decision to halt all pro-life legislation and dial back rhetoric against abortion until after November 2023,’ Marbach said. Ohio Right to Life has often been criticized by some anti-abortion advocates for not backing the six-week abortion ban initially, but coming on board in 2019 when the US Supreme Court became more conservative. Gonidakis wasn’t at the rally, and said he wasn’t aware Marbach would be speaking.
  • She said she ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if lawmakers were planning to pass further abortion restrictions prior to the group’s February announcement. “This is an example of why we need to pass Issue 1 in November. Abortion is basic health care.
  • And we can’t let extremist groups like this criminalize people for getting access to basic care,’ Thakkilapati said. Thakkilapati said Ohio cannot return to the days after Roe v. Wade was overturned, when the six-week abortion ban that’s now on hold by courts was in effect. She said Republican lawmakers have incrementally made it harder to get abortions in Ohio. ‘Over the 49 years that Preterm has been providing abortions in Ohio, there is constant escalation of the restrictions that are imposed.

Partner/Peer Organizations & PACs

The Hill Group behind Ohio abortion ballot measure launches ad highlighting Ohio couple

(Monday, September 18, 8:00 AM |  By: Caroline Vakil)

  • Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights (OURR), which includes both Protect Choice Ohio and Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom, launched a 30-second ad that will air across the state and features a couple named Beth and Kyle, who found themselves forced to go out of state to find affordable abortion care.
  • Syndicated By: NewsNation NowYahoo Families who use vouchers to send children to private schools pay taxes as well

(Monday, September 18, 4:06 PM |  By: Forum Plaind.Com)

  • In regard to the Sept. 7, 2023 article in The Plain Dealer ‘ 66,000 students have applied for private school vouchers,’ the comment by Scott DiMauro, president of the Ohio Education Association, ‘applying for the free money from the state’ is misleading and inaccurate.

All-in-One Inbox / Local

Gov. DeWine Comms Governor DeWine Issues Reprieve

(Monday, September 18, 4:31 PM |  By:

  • Governor Mike DeWine

Marcy Kaptur Standing with United Auto Workers

(Monday, September 18, 1:04 PM |  By:

  • Our dad retired from Toledo Jeep and mom helped organize an auto union at Champion Spark Plug alongside the Reuthers. For more than a century, the Kapturs have been part of the UAW family, and we’re proud of that. I understand that unions are the bedrock of America’s Middle Class, and they make our country strong.
  • I stand in full support of the United Auto Workers.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost MEDIA ADVISORY: AG Yost to Announce Next Steps in Probe of Former Columbus Zoo Executives

(Monday, September 18, 2:26 PM |  By:

  • Dave_Yost_Header

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost Former Columbus Zoo Executives Indicted for Theft of More Than $2 Million

(Monday, September 18, 4:45 PM |  By:

  • Dave_Yost_Header

Blue Ohio 2024 The shortest email in your inbox →

(Monday, September 18, 4:49 PM |  By:

  • {first_name} — this will only take a moment of your time.
  • Emilia is running in one of the most competitive districts in the country, and multiple elections experts have already rated our 2024 race as a pure toss-up.

Rep22 Rep. Brent: Statehouse Update (09.18.23)

(Monday, September 18, 6:57 PM |  By:

  • [Calendar Description automatically generated]

All-in-One Inbox / National

Bob Casey Asking for $5

(Monday, September 18, 1:38 PM |  By:

  • Hi {first_name}, I’m writing to ask if you will make a $5 contribution to our campaign today.
  • I want to take a minute to explain why this request matters to our campaign, but if you are ready to help us hold Pennsylvania and keep the Senate blue, you can chip in at this link to split a donation between my campaign and the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Texas Democrats Ken Paxton. Dan Patrick. Donald Trump.

(Monday, September 18, 4:52 PM |  By:

  • The fix was in from the beginning, {first_name}.
  • Little Governor Dan Patrick was supposed to serve as an impartial judge throughout the Impeachment Trial of Ken Paxton. But in true Texas Republican fashion, months before the impeachment trial process even began, Ken Paxton’s cronies bought the Texas Senate from Dan Patrick for $3 million in campaign cash.

Biden GA Update One point down

(Tuesday, September 19, 10:50 PM |  By:

  • Recent polling shows Joe Biden one point down against Donald Trump!
  • We need to reverse that IMMEDIATELY. If you’re with us, rush a donation right now to help Joe Biden take the lead and defeat Donald Trump.