Our Mission

The Clermont County Democratic Party strives to elect Democratic Candidates and promote Democratic issues that reflect our commitment to social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, and effective government. By raising awareness of our party and its core beliefs through meetings, forums, trainings, social events, and community service, we will strengthen our community and create a more balance electorate.

Our Leadership

As mandated by state law, the Executive Committee is the voting body of the Clermont County Democratic Party. Executive members are voted upon by recently-elected precinct captains of each jurisdiction, every two years, in even number primaries.

Jurisdiction Name Contact
Executive Chair Ray Lembke rlembke@fuse.net
1st Vice Chair Elaine Barnett elaine.barnett5@gmail.com
2nd Vice Chair Patricia Lawrence p.lawrence@fuse.net
Treasurer Judy Miller judithamiller@fuse.net
Secretary Bonnie Carlier bcarlier@cinci.rr.com
Batavia Township Judith Miller judithamiller@fuse.net
Franklin Township Tonia Blackburn blackburn45120@frontier.com
Goshen Township Bonnie Carlier bcarlier@cinci.rr.com
Miami Township Inga Harris ngaharris@me.com
Milford City Nellye Bowen
Monroe Township Paul Campbell p.lyman@zoomtown.com
Pierce Township Gregg Conrad greggconrad@ymail.com
Tate Township Leann Helton thetrophycup@msn.com
Washington Township Jeff Richards jeffr1955@hotmail.com
Wayne Township Jan Schoellman jschoellman@cinci.rr.com
CCYD Representative TBD
West Clermont Democrats Representative Elaine Barnett  elaine.barnett5@gmail.com
Quin-T Democrat Club Representative Cheryl Richards cheryl1richards@gmail.com
Goshen Democrats Representative Alice Bailey abailey7153@gmail.com
Loveland Action Team Patricia Lawrence p.lawrence@fuse.net
Central Committee Chair Michelle DeTemple mdt0409@fuse.net
At Large Thomas Jenkins tmjenkins@fioptics.com
At Large Tim Hogan HoganAndAssoc@aol.com
At Large Kay Newby kbnewby@gmail.com

Central Committee

The Clermont County Democratic Party’s Central Committee is made up of precinct captains who are either elected by Democratic voters in their precinct or appointed by the Executive Committee. Precinct Captains are the first line of contact for Democratic voters in the county. You can find your precinct captain by locating your precinct below. If your precinct does not currently have a captain or a precinct nearby, you can sign up here to find out more information about becoming a precinct captain.

Chair: Michelle DeTemple
Vice-Chair: Patricia Lawrence
Secretary: Bonnie Carlier

Precinct Precinct Captain
Amelia Village C Brian Flick
Batavia Township A Judy Miller
Batavia Township B Vivian Poe
Batavia Township C Timothy Young
Batavia Township E Amanda Irwin
Batavia Township G Rich Perry
Batavia Township H Cyrus Richardson
Batavia Township J Steven Neff
Batavia Township L Timothy Hisnay
Batavia Township M Matthew Conroy
Bethel Village B Leann Helton
Franklin Township A Tonia Blackburn
Goshen Township B Alice Bailey
Goshen Township D Bonnie Carlier
Milford City B MarySue Roberts
Milford City D Doug Doherty
Milford City F Nellye Bowen
Monroe Township C Paul Campbell
Miami Township A Patricia Lawrence
Miami Township H Mary Ellen Steele-Pierce
Miami Township I Karen Taylor
Miami Township K Tom Jenkins
Miami Township L Pamela Sisney
Miami Township L1L Inga Harris
Miami Township M1M Linda Callahan
Miami Township N1N Orhan Kilki
Miami Township Q Jennifer Naylor
Miami Township N Chris Barnett
Miami Township X Michelle Szylakowski
Miami Township Z Mary Diekmeyer
Pierce Township B Ray Lembke
Pierce Township C Gregg Conrad
Pierce Township I Amy Wardwell
Pierce Township J Sharon Pilgrim
Pierce Township K Brady Horine
Stonelick Township C Marcia Oganowski
Stonelick Township E Anatole Suttschenko
Union Township A Carrie Brown
Union Township E Latira Barnett
Union Township F1F Teresa Conway 
Union Township H Linda Bourquin
Union Township K1K James Rudy
Union Township L Michelle DeTemple
Union Township S1S Emily Chesnut
Union Township U1U Ian T. Schwartz
Wayne Township C Darin L. Hinners
Wayne Township E Jan Schoellman 
Washington Township B Jeff Richards

Democratic Clubs

There are a number of ways to get involved with the Democratic Party in Clermont County. The easiest way is to join one of our many clubs! Follow them on Facebook for information about meetings and how to join.

Clermont County Young Democrats (Facebook)
Meeting Dates: 
Meeting Location: Location varies – check for Facebook Event!
Annual Dues: $25
About: The Clermont County Young Democrats is a newly formed social, action, and informative club of progressive-minded individuals in Clermont County, founded in February 2017.  We gather monthly at general meetings to discuss local issues, volunteer in our community and socialize with our peers.

Goshen/Northern Dems (Facebook)
Meeting Dates: Third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm
Meeting Location: A Music Cafe, Goshen (directions)
Annual Dues: $10
About: A Democratic Club for progressive individuals in the northern part of Clermont County.

Loveland Action Team (Facebook)
Meeting Dates: Third Wednesday of the month. Friends gather at 6:30 and the meeting begins at 7:00.
Meeting Location: Loveland Historical Society. 201 Riverside Ave, Loveland, OH 45140.
About: The Loveland Action’s Team’s goals including building the Democratic community and elect Democratic candidates. We generally have a speaker and action items.

Quin-T Democrat Club (Facebook)
Meeting Dates: 
First Thursday of every month at 7:30 pm
Meeting Location: Green Kayak, New Richmond (directions)
Annual Dues: $1.00
About: Established in the late ’60s, the Quin-T Democrat Club is the oldest currently operating Democrat club in Clermont County. Quin-T is a grass-roots organization with the objective of supporting Democratic candidates, increasing political activism and raising awareness of democratic values and policies in Southwest Ohio. Please come join us at our monthly meetings.

West Clermont Democrats (Facebook)
Meeting Dates: 
Second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm
Meeting Location: ByGolly’s, Milford (directions)
Annual Dues: $25
About: The West Clermont Democrat Club is a chartered group dedicated to discussing, organizing, and mobilizing around social and public policy issues of concern to people and communities in Union Township, Miami Township and the City of Milford. We value and encourage debate and discussion, sometimes pointed, from all political viewpoints. We believe in the power of collective action to effect positive change within our geographic area.

Annual Dues: $25

Get Involved

Click here for more information on how to get involved with the Clermont County Democratic Party.

Our History

The earliest record of the existence of the Clermont County Democratic Party dates back to 1824 when Andrew Jackson (D) won the popular vote in Clermont County and the nation, but the US House of Representatives voted to install John Quincy Adams (R) as President since Jackson did not have a majority in the Electoral College.   In a re-match four years later in 1928, Andrew Jackson won the election for President over President Adams, and won handily in Clermont County.   Interestingly enough, even though Ulysses S. Grant (R) was born and raised in Clermont County, and did win the Presidential Election in 1868 and 1872, he did not carry Clermont County.  Grant was soundly defeated in the County by democratic challenger Horatio Seymour in 1868 and  the Liberal Republican Horace Greeley in 1872.  Grant, the 18th President, was the youngest person elected President up until that time, at the age of 46.

Clermont County was the home of the 43rd Governor of Ohio, John M. Pattison (D), who served from January 8, 1906 until his death on June 18, 1906 at age 59, which was the shortest term for anyone holding this office.   He had also served in the US House of Representatives and the Ohio House and Senate.

Attorney, Hugh L Nichols (D) from New Richmond and Batavia served as the 32nd Lt. Governor of Ohio from 1911 to 1913 when he was appointed as the first Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court by then Governor James M. Cox (D).  Unfortunately, Nichols did not win election to the position in 1920.

From the early 1800’s through the 1960’s Clermont County was known in the political arena as  a bastion of Democrats.   The Democratic Party started losing County Offices to the Republicans in the 1970’s starting with the Sheriff, Clerk of Courts and the Auditor’s Offices.    It was in 1984 that the Democratic Party lost every County Office, with the exception of the Probate and Juvenile Court Judge position held by Judge Lawrence W. Carlier, who was unopposed in that race and held the position until 1990.  No Democrat has held a County or District Office in the County since 1990.  Many attribute this phenomenon to the fact of the increase cost of housing in Hamilton County and the influx of a conservative element from Hamilton County mushrooming over into Milford, Miami and Union Townships, coupled with the development in the County with the Eastgate Mall and surrounding area of Union Township, the largest Ford Plant in the world built in Batavia, and the extension of State Route 32.  The major development of Clermont County (Eastgate Mall, Ford Plant, Clermont Mercy Hospital, Clermont UC College) took place during the Administration of Republican Governor, James A. Rhodes.

The Clermont County Democratic Party has maintained a headquarters on Main Street in Batavia since the 1970’s.  It has continued to field qualified candidates even though Clermont County has seen the Republicans winning all county offices year after year since 1984.  The Clermont County Democratic Party does take pride in the fact that we have seen the election of President William Clinton (1992) and Barack Obama (2008) as well as Sherrod Brown who has served as Ohio Secretary of State, a US Congressman and presently serves as one of our US Senators.

Party Chairmen:

Raymond W. Lembke – 2015 to Present (Pierce Township)
David A. Lane – 2004 – 2015 – (Miami Township)
Priscilla O’Donnell – 1998 – 2004  (Batavia Townshi)
Garry Adams – (Batavia Township)
Jerry Wiesenhahn – (Union Township)
James A. Burger –  (Williamburg Township)
Edward B. Osborne – 1972 to 1982 – (Goshen Township)
Notable Elected Officials From Clermont County

John M. Pattison – 43rd Govenor of Ohio – Shortest Term for any person elected to this office.
Term: January 8, 1906 – June 18, 1906 (date of death) – Milford, Ohio
Defeated incumbent Governor Myron Herrick (R).Hugh L. Nichols – 1st Ohio Supreme Court Justice – Appointed by Gov. James Cox (1913 – 1920)
(Not Elected) – Batavia, Ohio

Last Democratic Officials Elected in Clermont County

Lawrence Carlier – Former State Rep; Probate & Juvenile Court Judge

(Last Democrat Elected to County Office in 1984; unopposed.
                                Served until 1990)

*Robert A. Jones – Former County Prosecutor
Ralph Houser – Former County Commissioner;
*Timothy S Hogan – Former County Commissioner;

Presently 12th Dist State Central Committeeman

Jerry Wiesenhahn – Former County Commissioner
Jerry Carlier – Former County Commissioner
Ike Shebesta – Former County Recorder
Albert E “Bud” Hines – Former County Treasurer
*Priscilla O’Donnell – Former County Court Judge
*W. Kenneth Zuk – Former County Court Judge

*Denotes still living