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Jack Smith’s statement on trump indictment

These are the charges Trump was indicted on and what they mean

The federal indictment of former President Donald Trump in the classified documents probe has been unsealed. The indictment lays out 37 federal charges against Trump, including obstruction and unlawful retention of defense information for storing dozens of classified documents at his Florida resort and refusing to return them to the FBI and the National Archives. CONTINUE READING

Pepperspectives – Buckle Up, But Focus
As Wild as It Gets, Stay Focused on Where You Can Make the Biggest Difference

It’s easy for all this chaos to consume all our energy and focus as well. After all, the outcomes of these different strands of political events are momentous.

But…all this can be a trap. LEARN MORE

2023 Clermont County Dems Fair Week

Sunday, July 23 – Saturday, July 29, 2023

Join your Dem friends at the 2023 Clermont County Fair. Let’s show Clermont County that Democrats are here! Volunteer for a four-hour shift, or stay longer and sign up for multiple shifts and, or multiple days. (Minimum shift is two hours). Volunteering in our air-conditioned building includes a fair ticket and parking.

Hours are:
7/23/23 – Sunday – Parade Day & Armed Forces Day – 12pm-6pm
7/24/23 – Monday – 10am-8pm
7/25/23 – Tuesday – 10am-8pm
7/26/23 – Wednesday – Seniors Day – 10am-8pm
7/27/23 – Thursday – 10am-8pm
7/28/23 – Friday – 10am-9pm
7/29/23 – Saturday – 10am-9pm

7/30/23 – Sunday – Clean Up Day – 11am-1pm

Everyone is encouraged to volunteer for any day and any time! SIGN UP HERE

*Hours subject to change based on coverage.

2023 Clermont County Fair Events


Vote NO on August 8 It is time to act! State Issue 1 (aka SJR 2), the only issue on the August 8 special election ballot, is the biggest threat to democratic government in Ohio in many, many years. If turnout for this August’s special election is triple the turnout for last August’s statewide special election, that still means that less than a quarter of the registered voters in Ohio will decide this vitally important issue. This election will turn on who gets their voters to the polls in August: Republicans who want to perpetuate minority/special interest rule or Ohioans who want to retain a right they have had for over 100 years to decide basic issues about how Ohio is governed. If you are reading this, you are probably in the second group. Please vote in the August 8 election but realize that is not enough.We need your help before August 8. We need your help now. CONTINUE READING

What’s New From Clermont To Columbus And Beyond

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Ohio Senate introduces $85.7 billion operating budget

The Senate proposal reduces existing state income tax brackets from four to two. Like the House version, any income below $26,050 is not subject to tax, and income beyond that mark faces a 2.75% rate. But unlike the House proposal which levies slightly higher rates at about $92,000 and $115,000, the Senate has just one other 3.5% bracket starting at $92,150. CONTINUE READING

Commentary: Finally, Frank LaRose confirms what we 100% already knew

Until recently, the line towed was that this legislation (Issue 1) is to save our constitution from out-of-state special interests. Never mind that it’s financed by an out-of-state billionaire

. So, to that end, they and other Ohio Republicans have formed a campaign committee called Save Our Constitution. A more accurate name might be Save Our Constitution from Ideas We Don’t Like. CONTINUE READING

Why Republican-led states keep leaving a group that verifies voter rolls

Eight Republican-led states (including Ohio) this year left an interstate cooperative that seeks to maintain accurate voter registration rolls, and three more may join them — a move that election security experts say is fueled by conspiracy theories. CONTINUE READING

Important Voting Dates

Next Steps

Vote NO Campaign Canvassing Pledge Form

Join the Ohio Democratic Party as we fight tooth and nail to make sure a 60% threshold to pass citizen-led constitutional amendment never, ever becomes law. To WIN and to protect the fundamental right of Ohioans to participate in the democratic process, we need to knock 500,000 doors over the next few months. The studies and data are clear: Door to door canvassing is the single most effective voter contact method in the book, which is why it is going to be the backbone of our Vote NO organizing program. LEARN MORE

Vote NO Campaign Virtual Phonebank and Training

Tuesdays and Thursdays
5:30 – 7:30pm EDT
Virtual event
Join from anywhere

Never made political calls before? No worries, you’re in good hands! At the outset of a phonebank, we’ll thoroughly train you on how to make phone calls. Then, we’ll pivot right into making some calls to voters! After you attend a training and the phone bank afterwards, you’ll be equipped to make calls anytime that works for your schedule in the future. REGISTER HERE

Is Your Ohio General Assembly Working For You?

Unfortunately right now the Ohio General Assembly, also known as the state legislature, has been gerrymandered into a Republican Super Majority. But that does not render Ohio Democrats helpless. We are hearing from the Democrats serving in the Ohio House that Republicans in the Ohio House are not hearing from opponents to their policies. So the Republicans tell their colleagues no one is against them.

So here’s the deal, all reps are required to log every phone call and email from constituents. We need ALL good Democrats to call or email their state reps and senators every day or every week. Whether your issue is gun safety, reproductive rights, corruption in our government, voter suppression or public education, CALL YOUR REPS! Below is the contact information for Clermont County reps and senator.

Adam Bird State Rep Ohio District 63 (southern Clermont County)
Email: https://ohiohouse.gov/members/adam-c-bird/contact
(614) 644-6034
Twitter @AdamCBird

Jeanne Schmidt State Rep Ohio District 62 (northern Clermont County)
Email: https://www.ohiohouse.gov/members/jean-schmidt/contact
(614) 466-8134

Terry Johnson State Senator Ohio District 14 (all of Clermont County)
Email: https://ohiosenate.gov/members/terry-johnson/contact
(614) 466-8082

Looking for an issue to call about? Read the article below. Republicans in Columbus are trying to take away the voice of the citizens in Ohio by raising the threshold to pass citizen initiatives to 60% instead of a simple majority of 50 plus one.

“An Attempt to Fool Voters.” Ohio GOP sets up vote to weaken direct democracy

The Democratic National Committee
Free Online Training

Say This, Not That- Control your Democratic narrative

Thursday, August 10, 2023
8 – 9pm EDT
Virtual event
Join from anywhere

To win elections and support progressive issues Democrats need to communicate with the most effective messaging. Join us as we discuss how we can frame our issues and promote progressive values in a way voters will embrace. Each workshop will provide background information, provide examples of good and bad messaging and time to discuss messaging on current topic. Learn more here.

Civics 101- The basics they no longer teach in school

Thurs., August 17, 2023
8 – 9pm EST
Virtual event
Join from anywhere

We cover topics from how a bill becomes a law to who your representatives are to when elections are held and so much more. LEARN MORE

Join The Donkey Club Today

It’s that time of year! We need your support. The Clermont County Democratic Party relies solely on donations from our friends to operate. Our Donkey Club is our major source of funding and we hope you will become a member today. Member benefits below.

  • A headquarters located centrally in the county in Batavia
  • A bi-monthly e-newsletter
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Click the Donate button below and make your donation securely online through ActBlue or mail a check. Make Checks payable to: Clermont County Democratic Party (CCDP), PO Box 475, Batavia, OH 45103

Thank you for your support! Raymond W. Lembke, Party Chairman Clermont County Democratic Party

Clermont County Democratic Club Meetings

There will be NO Quin-T meeting in July.



Below is a listing of Democratic groups in Clermont County. Click on the name of each club and it will take you to their website or Facebook page with updated information about meetings.

Quin-T Democrat ClubDemocracy In Action
West Clermont DemocratsClermont County Young Democrats
The Goshen Democratic ClubDrinking Liberally

Clermont County Democratic Party Central Committee

Please contact Ben Indino, Central Committee Chair at: benjamin.indino@gmail.com or Amanda Fox, Central Committee Secretary at: alvfox33@gmail.com for more information.

Clermont County Democratic Party Executive Committee

Next Executive Committee meeting will be Thursday, June 22, 2023 at 7:00 pm

This will be a hybrid meeting with choice of in-person at headquarters, 174 E. Main Street, Batavia, Ohio 45103 and via Zoom. Central Committee members are encouraged to attend.


CCDP has four active committees. Each committee needs volunteers. Please consider getting involved. The strength of our party is our volunteers. You may contact the respective Chairs of each committee below by clicking on their name if you are interested in volunteering.

Finance Committee– Chair – Ben Brady

Events Committee – Chair – Katherine Lent

Communications Committee – Chair – Michelle DeTemple
The Communications Committee meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm via Zoom.


Benjamin Indino – Central Committee Chair
Tracy Jo Small – Central Committee Vice Chair
Amanda Fox – Central Committee Secretary

Raymond Lembke – Executive Committee Chair
Elaine Barnett – Executive Committee Vice Chair
Chris Barnett – Treasurer
Bonnie Carlier – Executive Committee Secretary



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