Mike Check

November 29, 2021

Good Monday afternoon, and welcome back to Mike Check, your weekly source of all the infighting, conspiracy spewing and corruption that’s making headlines in and around the Republican governor’s race and Mike DeWine’s statehouse, courtesy of the Ohio Democratic Party.

As the gubernatorial race heats up, Republicans are in disarray with Mike DeWine’s popularity dropping by the day, facing attacks both inside and outside of the Republican Party, and having to answer for the largest public corruption scandal in state history. It’s hard to keep up with all of the corruption and mess surrounding Mike DeWine and the GOP gubernatorial primary, so here are some stories you may have missed:

WHAT DOES JON KNOW? While we all knew Jon Husted likely knew much more about the HB 6 scandal than he wants us to believe, former FirstEnergy lobbyist Michael Dowling confirmed as much last week when he listed Husted as someone he believed would have “knowledge of the underlying factual allegations” of the HB6 scandal. DeWine and Husted continue to duck questions from the media and try to “no comment” their way out of the largest public corruption scandal in state history. But with these latest revelations, it’s more important than ever that DeWine and Husted answer what they knew and when and disclose any role they played in the ongoing scandal.

WHEN THE WORST PERSON YOU KNOW MAKES A GREAT POINT. When even Jim Renacci, who knows a scandal better than anyone (read: Ben Suarez and a strip club plane), is calling you out for your corruption, you know you’ve got it bad.

DEWINE ON DEFENSE. Mike DeWine continues to get called out for putting his own political interests ahead of the interests of Ohio voters after he signed an unconstitutional, gerrymandered congressional map into law. Mike DeWine once again showed Ohio voters that you can only count on DeWine for one thing: naked, partisan self-interest. DeWine is scared of a Republican primary and the extreme GOP legislature, and he’ll do anything to protect his own political interests, including things he promised not to do.

Thanks for catching up with us, that’s all the Mike Check we’ve got for this week. If you have questions my email is ckeir@ohiodems.org. Have a great week!